4 Ways To Decorate Your Lampshades


Aesthetic lampshades are the top way to improve your bedroom interior. They can help your room look livelier and match with the furniture to offer a uniform appearance. However, well-designed lampshades can be relatively expensive.

So you may not be able to afford them. Luckily, you don’t have to break your bank to enjoy aesthetic lampshades. Here are four DIY ideas that will help you decorate a lampshade and turn it into a unique piece.

  1. Add Creative Buttons

The exterior may seem pretty bare to you if you have a plain lampshade. This is especially true if the item is light-colored, such as white. The best part is you can add some colorful buttons for an abstract look.

These items will add color to your lampshade without spending much money. The idea is mainly for square lampshades because you can easily use a glue gun to apply the buttons. You may arrange the buttons in different patterns, such as stripes, for a more creative look.

  • Use Wallpaper Prints

If you have leftover wallpaper prints in your home, you can easily use them for decorating your lampshades. This will prevent the wallpaper from being wasted. The best part is that you will not have to spend a dime to turn your basic lampshade into an aesthetic piece.

Choose the wallpaper print that will match your bedroom’s interior easily. Then, use craft glue or spray adhesive to attach the design to the lampshade. You must ensure the glue dries completely before returning the shade to the lamp.

  • Create Patterns From Stencils

If you have good art skills, you must get a stencil to decorate your lampshade. This accessory will help you refurbish the shade and help it look like an expensive model. You can get the stencil from a craft store within your vicinity and choose the design you like.

You should dip the stencil in the paint of your choice before using it to make patterns on your lampshade. If the shade is colored from the outside, you can use a stencil to decorate the inner side. Golden stripes inside the lampshade are a prime example of this idea.

  • Embroider The Lampshade

Lampshades with embroidery can be pretty expensive to buy because of the intricate detailing. You can easily embroider your basic shades at home if you have good embroidery skills. It will allow you to save time while enjoying an aesthetic interior.

Typically, you should work on the lampshade directly if it has a fabric layer for stitching. If the item does not have the layer, you can also make embroidered covers for the lampshade. You can opt from simple but cute designs to intricate patterns.

Bottom Line

These are the top four ways to decorate your simple lampshade at home. The best part is that you will not have to spend more than a few dollars to refurbish the shades.

You can use the internet to find aesthetic ideas or develop your own. Many video tutorials for redecorating lampshades are also available on YouTube for a better learning experience.