50 DIY Home Repair Tips That Will Make Your Life a Breeze


Owning a home is a challenging task. You need to always keep up with the maintenance. Not only that, but you have to ensure that everything works properly. Otherwise, you’ll face bigger and more challenging problems. Besides that, some home issues are easy to fix, yet an external worker costs a lot.

So if you want to save some money while having a perfect home, you’re in the right place. Here are 50 home repair tips and hacks that will make your life a breeze. Keeping these tips in mind will help you fix the issue in no time and without spending a dime.

Color Nail Holes with Crayons

Taking off paintings and things from walls can be a nuisance. That is because the nail leaves a hole behind. And to fix it you will have to spend some money. However, with this tip, you can repair the dent quickly without calling anyone. All you have to do is find a crayon of the same color as your wall paint. Then press the tip on the hole and rub it up and down. By coloring the wall, no one will ever see the nail hole. The best part is that it does not cost you anything, nor is it time-consuming.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal with Ice

Garbage disposals are tricky to clean. But if you don’t maintain it properly, you will have to get a new one. That will burn a hole through your pocket as the tool is quite expensive. But fret not. With ice cubes, you can clean the disposal with ease. All you have to do is place some ice cubes in the machine and run it with cold water. As the ice melts and grinds, it will clean the disposal thoroughly, even the hard-to-reach areas. After cleaning, you can also add fruit peels to give a pleasant aroma or salt to eliminate any stinky smell.

Get Rid Of Stinky Garbage with Two Ingredients

No matter what, garbage cans always start to smell, even if you use them with a trash bag. One way to get rid of stinking trash permanently is to use bread and vinegar. All you have to do is take a piece of bread. Then apply vinegar on both sides. After that, place it at the bottom of your can for the whole night. The following day, when you replace the trash bags, you’ll notice that no smell forms. To prevent your can from becoming dirty because of the bread, place baking paper underneath it. This quick-fix will solve your problem permanently.

Make a Hole in Trash Can Liner for Suction

Here is another trash can tip that will help you immensely. Many of you may have garbage cans with liners. So you must know how difficult it is to take out the trash from them without spilling the items. If you also face this issue, then you must use this technique. All you have to do is drill a hole on the side of your liner. This will solve the suction issue and allow you to take out trash with ease. However, keep in mind not to drill holes at the bottom. That is because substances might leak because of that.

Use Tape for a Straight Caulk Edge

Caulk is the best material to fix various structures and prevent leaking. However, it is also quite tricky to use. Even when using it carefully, getting a straight edge is challenging. But with this tip, you’ll be able to achieve perfect edges with caulk. The only thing you require is some painter’s tape. These are readily available at all hardware shops. To get a straight edge, you should apply the tape on the wet caulk and then remove it. Make sure not to let the substance dry; otherwise, you’ll end up removing some dry caulk too. As a result, the line will be crooked.

Got A Broken Bulb? Use a Potato

Light bulbs fuse very frequently, and when you try to take them off, they shatter sometimes. Not only that, but if a bulb bursts, then you are left with the difficult task of taking it off. And if you try to remove it with your bare hands, you can injure yourself. That is why is this technique will come in handy if you face such a situation. All you have to do is cut off a potato in two halves and then use one of them to unscrew the bulb. First, you should press the fleshy side of the vegetable into the broken glass. Then rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction. And viola, the bulb will come off in no time, and your hands will be safe.

Take Off Stripped Screws with Elastic Band

Stripped screws are one of the most challenging things to take off from a surface. While you can remove them with only a screwdriver, the process takes up time. That is why this method will help you if you don’t want to waste your time. The first thing you need to do is get a rubber band and screwdriver. Then place the band over the head with one hand and with the other hand, secure the screwdriver. After that, twist it to take off the stripped screw. The technique is effective because the elastic band offers the desired friction for easy removal.

Fix Nail Holes by Using Soap Bar

While coloring nail holes with crayons is effective, but there is a better technique for white walls. You can fix the hole with ease and without spending any money. All you need is a bar soap of the same color. Then using one of the edges, you should rub it against the mark. Be sure to move the soap in an anti-clockwise motion. This will cover the hole so perfectly that even you will forget about it in a short time. Although, keep in mind that sometimes the soap leaves residue. To fix that, you should take a damp, wet cloth and clean the surface gently.

Use Baby Powder to Silence Noisy Floors

Wooden floorboards can become very annoying. With time some of them loosen up and produce a loud squeaky noise. This can disturb others and bother you as well. However, with some baby powder, you can silence the noisy boards forever. Just fill a squeeze bottle with some powder. Then pour it between the spaces of floorboards. To fill them correctly, you should keep a makeup brush with you. It will help you push the powder in the cracks without getting your hands dirty. And after you’re done, the noise will be gone completely. Keep in mind that the powder does not have to be necessarily a baby powder.

Use Iron to Repair Wood Dents

If you have wooden furniture or floors in your home, then you must learn this trick. With this method, you can get rid of dents on all types of wooden surfaces. The best part is that it will only take up few minutes of your time. Not only that, but it is an entirely safe technique and won’t damage your structure further. First, you need to wet the area that has the dent. While you water the dent, heat your clothing iron. Then place a wet cloth over the mark and iron it. Make sure to move the device in a circular path. In just a few minutes, the dent will go away.

Clean Colorings from Your Wall by Using WD-40

If you have kids, you must be aware of their habit to color whatever surface they find, whether it is a wall, floor, or any other structure. This can create trouble for you as writing from markers is hard to remove. But worry no more. With this hack, you’ll never have to repaint your wall. It has been tried and tested, so you can rely on it entirely. All you need to do is spray some WD-40 on the markings. The spray can remove colors, markers, crayons, and much more. However, keep in mind that this method does not work on oil-painted and matte walls.

Use Toilet Cleaning Liquid to Clean Grout

Grout can ruin the look of your floors. It gives off a dirty and grimy look to your home. The worst part is that it is easily noticeable. And if you host parties in your house, it will leave a negative impression on the guests. So if you have grout between your floor spacings, then it’s time to get rid of it. All you have to do is pour the toilet cleaning solution into the cracks. Then let the solution rest for at least fifteen minutes. After that, you should mop the floor with warm and clean water. And voila, the grout will be gone, and your floor will be shinier than ever.

Kool-Aid for Toilet Leaks

Nowadays, plumbers take quite a lot of money to diagnose toilet leaks. And if they do find one, they’ll charge you more to fix it. That is why you may prefer to resolve the issue yourself. However, if you work on a toilet on just suspicion, you’ll end up doing more damage. But worry no more. With this tip, you can confirm your doubt in just 20 cents. The only thing you require is a dark-colored Kool-Aid packet. After that, add the contents to the toilet tank by opening it. If, after thirty minutes, the color of water inside the toilet bowl changes, you have a leak.

Use Dishwasher Tablets for Oven Cleaning

Cleaning ovens after baking something takes up a lot of time. Especially, removing grease from the door requires quite the effort. But with this method, it will be a breeze. The key to cleaning oven doors is to use dishwasher tablets. They remove all the stains within no time. While using them, you should keep in mind to wear gloves. That is because the pills have bleach which can irritate your skin. Another thing you should remember is to wet the tablet before wiping the door. However, make sure not to soak it thoroughly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to clean properly.

Get Rid Of Stinky Sink with Lemon

Sometimes dirty dishes can impart an unpleasant smell to the kitchen sink. This can make it hard for you to work near the sink. That is why it is essential to ensure that your sink does not smell funky. And the best way to do this is to use lemon juice. Lemons are citrus fruits that add a pleasant aroma to not only dishes but sinks as well. To impart a fresh smell to your sink, you should mix lemon juice with boiling water and then pour it into the drain. In just a few minutes, your sink will have a pleasant odor.

The Perfect Bathtub Cleaning Hack

White bathtubs get dirty quickly, even when you wash them with water every day. Mildew and scum can accumulate on the edges of the tub. And in some time, it starts to lose its shine and appears old. But with this cleaning hack, you can return your bathroom to its glory. To clean the bathtub, you need only liquid dish soap and scrub or broom. First, you should add the solution to the inside of the tub and spread using a broom. Let the soap rest on the surface for a few minutes, and then wipe it with warm water.

Use Kitchen Ingredients for Unclogging Drains

Clogged drains are one of the most frustrating things in the world. First, you have to wait for all the water to drain. Then you have to clean the leftover residues too. And if you do this using chemicals, you need to stop. They only harm the drain and are just another unnecessary expense, especially since you have all ingredients in your kitchen already. To unclog drains, you need three ingredients: water, baking soda, and vinegar. First, you should pour boiled water down the drain. Then do the same with half a cup of baking soda and vinegar. Lastly, pour water once again after ten minutes, and the drain will unclog.

Use Bleach to Clean Pipes

If you face clogging of drains frequently, it means your pipes require maintenance. To do that, you can either call a plumber and pay. Or you can use this quick fix to ensure your lines work correctly. The great thing is that you only need bleach for this purpose. First, you should pour some bleach on your bathtub or other drains. Let the liquid sit for at least ten minutes, and then use hot water to flush down the bleach. It will move through pipes and clean them effectively. However, keep in mind not to use this trick frequently since bleach contains strong chemicals.

The Tea Bag Hack for Unclean Dishes

It is ironic that teabags stain your utensils as well as clean them. Yes, it seems odd, but that is the truth. Teabags contain chemicals called tannins which is what gives the tea its color. Another use of tannins is cleaning dishes. So if you ever run out of dish soap, no need to worry. Just fill your sink with some hot water and add used or unused tea bags to it. After that, use that water to scrub your dishes. The tannins will help you to remove grease easily. You can even use this method to clean individual pots by filling them with water and tea bags.

Get Rid Of Static Dryer by Tin Foil

Many people use dryer sheets to dry clothes. But some of you may not prefer the method because of the static it produces. If you’re looking for an alternative to dryer sheets, then you’re in the right place. With this tip, you can dry your clothes promptly. You only have to roll some aluminum foil into a ball and throw it inside the dryer instead of the sheets. The foil will decrease the static electricity and also does not soften the clothes. Not to mention you can reuse the aluminum ball for at least two months which will help you save a lot.

Locate Studs with Measuring Tape

Locating studs on walls can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools. While you can buy a stud finder for your purpose, it will do some damage to your wallet. Meanwhile, if you have a measuring tape at home, it will cost you zero money to find studs. If you check the tape carefully, you’ll notice some red digits on it. These are given mainly to help people find studs. You just have to place the tape on the wall and mark the areas coinciding with red numbers. For surety, you can check one spot to see the accuracy of the tape.

Don’t Have A Funnel? Use Aluminum Foil

Funnels are one of the standard tools to transfer liquids to utensils with narrow openings. Of course, you can try to pour water without a funnel, but you’ll end up wasting some of it. That is why you need to know this technique if you don’t have a funnel. First, you should cut up an intermediate-sized piece of aluminum foil. Then roll it in such a way that its shape replicates a funnel. After that, you can place it between the opening and transfer liquids with ease. What’s so great about using a foil funnel is that it’s reusable and readily available.

Get Rid Of Rust by Using Foil

Aluminum foil is very versatile. It is perfect for wrapping items and keeping food warm. Not only that, but it is excellent for cleaning surfaces, clothes, and much more. One of the things that foil can help you get rid of is rust. If you have chrome utensils or other items, you can quickly restore their quality. First, you should clean the surface of the object using soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Immediately after that, you should curl some foil into a ball and rub the target area. The rust will come off, and your item will be as good as new.

Silence Slamming Doors with Cabinet Bumpers

When doors slam, they create a loud noise that can disturb the whole house. Not to mention it can give people an impression that you’re angry. So if you also hate slamming doors, then it’s time to silence them with this trick. All you need to do is get some cabinet bumpers and place them on the doors. They will cushion the impact and dampen the sound. This means you can close the doors with any force, yet they won’t create noise. You can even put the bumpers on drawers that slam when you shut them. With this method, you can have peace without spending a lot.

Use Magic Eraser to Clean Utensil Stains

Magic erasers are live up to their names. They can clean bathtubs, utensils, and much more. What’s so great about them is that they remove stains that even a dishwasher cannot. So if you have stained utensils at home, it’s time to gather and clean them. The eraser removes marks and discoloration from all items except the ones made from stainless steel. That is because it will damage the stainless-steel surface. For other materials, just rub it well on the dirty area, and it will do its magic. However, keep in mind to always wash the utensils after cleaning with the magic eraser.

Clean Wall Stains by Using Magic Eraser

If you have stains on the walls of your home, then you need a magic eraser immediately. Within few minutes, you can have clean surfaces. Just rub the walls with the eraser and then wipe them with a wet cloth. Another complex issue to tackle is the discoloration of walls. While you cannot prevent the process, you can still return the surface its charm. Again, use the magic eraser, and it will help you make your home shiny and clean. The great part is that you won’t have to repaint your walls, and the sponge is reusable. So it will be worth it.

Open Tight Containers by Using Tennis Balls

Opening tight lids requires a lot of energy, and you need to have a firm grip, especially if the jar is glass. That is because the container can fall through your hand and break. And, of course, cleaning the mess will be time-consuming. Not to mention you can hurt yourself because of the broken glass. If you wish to avoid such a situation, you should adopt this hack. Just take a tennis ball and cut part of it in shape shown in the picture above. After trying the trick, you will be surprised by how easy it is to open tight containers.

Use Elastic Band to Prevent Door from Closing

If you have doors in your home that closes as soon as you leave the handle, you must be aware of the frustration it can cause. After all, you will have to open it again and again if you’re moving back and forth. For example, imagine you’re moving furniture into your room, but the door closes while you get each piece. Now you’ll have to keep everything down, then open the door and gather everything again. To avoid such a situation, all you need to do is loop the doorknobs using an elastic band. It will block the latch, and so the door won’t close.

Fix Tears by Nail Polish

Do you have mesh screens on your windows? If so, then you must know they can tear very easily. And once that happens, insects and dust can enter your house. Even a tiny tear will offer a pathway to many creepy crawlies, some of which can be scary. To avoid that, you can fix the mesh by using nail polish. The only thing to keep in mind is to use a transparent color. This will act just like glue and patch up the tear in no time. The trick only works on small tears, but it is pretty handy and will immediately give you some peace of mind.

Get Rid Of Carpet Dents Using Ice Cubes

We all love it when our home looks nice because of the decorations. And a critical piece of décor is carpet. It takes a lot of time to choose the right one for your home. That is why it is disappointing when dents appear on them. However, the problem is entirely preventable and doesn’t cost a dime. To get rid of carpet dents, you should place some ice cubes on them. Wait till the ice melts, and then soak up the water using paper towels or cloth. Then right after that, use a toothbrush to make the surfaces even.

Use Vinegar on Your Showerhead

We all love to take a quick steamy shower, but this can be an issue if the showerhead is old. That is because with time, mineral and grime deposits on the head. And this causes calcification, due to which the flow of water slows down. If you’re suffering from this problem, let us tell you that you no longer have to. With vinegar, you can revive the flow of the showerhead without damaging it. All you have to do is half-fill a plastic bag with vinegar and wrap it around the tool. Let the showerhead soak in the solution overnight. The

day when you take off the bag, you’ll notice the improvement in the flow rate.

Install Pool Noodles in Your Congested Garage

If you have a compact garage in your home, you must be aware of the issues related to the opening of vehicle doors. While getting out of the car may not be a problem, dents can appear on the door if it hits the wall often. However, you can easily tackle this issue with pool noodles. These are soft platforms that you can install on the walls. So whenever you get out of the vehicle, the door will bump into the pool noodle, not the wall. Since they are soft, they cushion the impact and do not cause dents on your car.

Use a Squeegee to Get Rid Of Pet Hair

Adopting pets is fun as they are loyal and can erase the feelings of loneliness. However, no matter which pet you have, they all have one thing in common. And that is, they shed a lot of fur and hair. While this is not a problem for floors, removing their hair from the carpet can be a hassle. But with this tip, you no longer have to worry. All you need is a squeegee. It is a tool with a rubber blade that you can easily use to remove pet hair from the carpet. Many people even use it to wipe windows and floors too.

The Right Way to Rotate Fans

Did you know that fans should rotate in different directions in winters and summers? The movement of rotation plays a crucial role in cutting down your utility bills. That is why it is essential to learn this trick. In winters, your fan should move in a clockwise direction and at a low speed. This will help the fan attract warm air and spread it around the room. Meanwhile, in summers, it should rotate in the opposite direction and speed. This will circulate cold air around the room and ensure that you don’t feel hot. Keep in mind that this option is available in recent fan models and not ones that are a decade old.

Get Rid Of Grouts with These Simple Ingredients

Many people think that grouts are permanent and cannot be removed. If you also believe this, you’re mistaken. Grouts can be easily tackled. Earlier, we told you to use toilet cleaning liquid for them. However, there is another better way to get rid of discolored and grimy-looking grouts. This one involves using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. The measurements for these substances are ¼, ½, and one teaspoon, respectively. Pour the mixture on the grouts and let it rest for a few minutes. After that, clean the surface with warm water and a broom.

Use Bubble Wraps on Windows in winters

Loose windows can be a problem in winters. That is because they allow cold air to pass in and hot air to move out. So even if you have a heater on, you might still feel cold. While getting a window fixed by professionals can be costly, here is a DIY fix to your problem. All you need to do is wet the window using water and then stick bubble wrap sheets on it. They will attach to the glass and prevent the passing of air. However, keep in mind that this may give an unpleasing appearance to your house from the outside.

Prevent Developing Of Clogged Drains

While you will find many ways to unclog drains on the internet, we have a method that will prevent them from happening in the first place. What’s so exciting is that it will cost you only a tiny amount. All you need to do is go on Amazon and purchase yourself a product called TubShroom (pictured). It goes in place of the sieve and prevents hair from going down the drain. The only thing you will have to do is clean the item from time to time. And that, of course, takes way less time than unclogging a drain.

Fix Noisy Doors and Cabinets with Cooking Spray

When you live in the same house for an extended period, you’ll inevitably come across noisy cabinets, floors, and doors. If you’re suffering because of such an issue, then we’re here to help you out. WD-40 and cooking sprays are the two items that you can use to silence the doors and cabinets. So grab whichever can you have and spray the hinges of the noisy objects. Within few seconds, the noise will go away, and you can be at ease. To prevent the spray from spreading on the cabinet, you can cut out a section of baking paper from in between. This will allow only to spray the hinges.

Spray Your Plant with Aspirin

Home repairing is not limited to objects inside the house only. Your garden is also an integral part of the house. And if it’s not pretty, people will get the wrong impression about you. That is why it is essential to take care of the plants at your premises. One way to improve the color and volume of your grass is by using aspirin. Just dissolve one tablet for each gallon of water and then spray the solution in moderate amounts every 2 or 4 weeks. Within some time, you’ll notice the positive results and wish that you knew this sooner.

Use Nail Polish to Prevent Loosening Of Screws

Attaching screws to objects can be tricky. That is because they become loose after some time and can come off too. In such cases, the object can fall apart, and you may suffer money damage. To avoid the loosening of screws, there is one thing that can help you immensely. And that is nail polish. Yes, it seems an odd solution, but it is highly effective. Just coat the screw with some transparent nail polish and then drill it into whatever object you want. The polish acts as glue and ensures that the screw remains in place for a long time.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Rid Of Pests

We all love hydrogen peroxide because of its flexibility. You can use it for cleaning, unclogging drains, and much more. The chemical is also great for getting rid of pests. The sneaky animals don’t love the components that it is made up of. That is why if pests are ruining your pretty garden, it’s time to spray hydrogen peroxide. You can apply the chemical to plants and the soil. However, keep in mind not to use a brand with more than 3% concentration. Otherwise, you’ll rid yourself of the plants as well as pests. And that, of course, would be counter-effective.

Revive Burnt Pots with These Ingredients

If you have burnt pots in your kitchen, it’s time to get them out. With this hack, you can restore them to their original look. The three magical things you’ll require for this task are baking soda, foil, and the famous hydrogen peroxide. First, you should apply baking powder to cover the burnt area entirely. Then spray a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. This will result in the formation of a paste-like mixture on the utensil. Let the paste sit for at least five to six hours. Then return to your kitchen with a foil and scrub the tool. Also, be sure to wash it after the appearance is restored.

Use Windex to Transport Bulky Appliances

Moving around bulky appliances is a tough task. You cannot pick up the heavy item, so you have to slide it using the wheels. As a result, the appliance can leave scuff marks and dents on your floor. That is because most devices come with low-quality tires. And fixing that will be costly as you’ll have to change all the tiles or floorboards. But with Windex, you can prevent your floor from damage. Just apply the liquid on the path that you’ll be using to transport the appliance. However, keep in mind not to use this trick for wooden floors.

Use Filter Paper to Line Pots

If you’re a plant keeper, then you must be aware of the soil issue. No matter what you do, the dirt leaks out from the bottom of the pot. As a result, you have to clean the area quite frequently. If you’re miserable because of this issue, it’s time to get rid of the problem. The only thing you require to tackle the issue is coffee filters. Before adding soil, you should place a coffee filter paper inside the pot. This will allow the water to drain away but at the same time prevents dirt from getting out. So you will have no mess to clean every day.

Quick Microwave Cleaning Hack

Cleaning ovens and microwaves take a lot of time. That is because the particles set on the surfaces tightly. As a result, you have to scrub for hours to clean the appliance thoroughly. But with this trick, you can cut down the cleaning time to several minutes. Just add the same amount of water and vinegar in a bowl. Then microwave it for at least 8 minutes. The steam from the solution will loosen greasy and other particles. So when you wipe the appliance, the surfaces will start to shine in few minutes. Keep in mind to heat the solution in a microwave-safe utensil.

Tips to Tackle Frozen Locks

Freezing of locks is quite common in winters and snowy weather. Due to the cold, icicles can form on the lock of your house, car, or other objects. But the good thing is you don’t have to wait hours for the ice to melt. That is, of course, if you are using the proper techniques. One way to de-ice a lock is to apply hand sanitizer on it. The alcohol will melt the ice within seconds. Besides that, you can warm your key and then place it in the lock. You can even breathe air on the surface, but that will take few minutes rather than seconds.

Use Windex to Fix Printer Cartridges

Nowadays, printer cartridges are pretty expensive. Not only that but some of them can clog too. In such a case, your instinct would be to buy a new one. But you don’t have to do that anymore. With this trick, you can unclog the cartridge in few seconds. Just apply some Windex on a paper towel. Then wipe the surface of the cartridge from where ink is released. You should continue rubbing the bottom until some lines of ink appear on the towel. Keep in mind to use the paper towel while it is still wet from the liquid.

Use Bread for Handling Broken Glass

Whenever you break something made up of glass, always maintain care around the shattered pieces. And don’t try to pick them up with bare hands, or you’ll end up with a severe injury. One of the safest ways to clean the mess is by using bread. No, we’re not kidding. Bread attaches to the shards of glass easily. The best part is that the size of pieces does not matter as the item is effective equally for all sizes. So

time you break glass, grab a piece of bread and try the technique. We bet you’ll be amazed after the clean-up.

Get Rid Of Moldy Washing Machine Smell with This Technique

Experts suggest that you should wash your washing machine at least once every month. Otherwise, a permanent moldy smell will set in the appliance. As a result, your clothes will have a funky smell too. The key to washing a washing machine is to use vinegar, baking soda, and detergent. Pour these three substances into the drum of the appliance. Then run the longest cycle at the highest temperature. Once the cleaning is done, open the door of the machine and leave it for some time. This will let the air out, and the appliance will have a fresh smell afterward.

Clean Cast Iron Pans with Potato and Salt

It is no secret that you cannot wash cast iron pans with soap. This is because the chemicals in soap will reduce the effectiveness of the utensil to prevent food from sticking. But that does not mean you should leave your pan dirty after every use. Instead, pour some salt on the surface of the cast iron. Then cut up a potato in half and use the skinless side for rubbing the surface. The technique will help you remove old food residues. After cleaning, apply some oil and heat the cast iron in an oven. Then you can store the pan until subsequent use.