60 Amazing Life Hacks To Follow


We have all been in a situation where things are too difficult for us to do. It is normal to not want to go through the trouble of doing something. You always want to look for a more convenient way of doing things. Well, we have heard your wishes.

Here, you will find about sixty life hacks that you should start implementing in your life. You will be amazed to find out how effective these are, and how easy these can make your life. So, stay tuned to find out all there is about these amazing hacks for your life.

Doritos As A Fire Starter

You might be wondering how Doritos can make fire? Well, it is true. If you’re looking for an effective and easy way to get a head start on the fire, then this is what you should be doing. Fire up the Doritos for your barbeque, bonfire, or any other relevant fire activities that you wish to carry on.

No longer do you have to worry about not having the adequate material to start a fire. All you really need is a packet of Doritos. The next time, rather than getting a bunch of logs, try to get a packet of Doritos instead. Who knew?

Lotion Or Special Items Holder?

It is common to find yourself worrying about your belongings when you’re traveling or heading to the beach. You don’t want them to be stolen by someone while you’re enjoying your time out under the sun. So, what can you do?

Well, rather than layering your wallet or purse with all of your belongings, try something different. Make use of an empty lotion bottle, wash it all out, and add your valuables inside of it. No one will suspect you to have your goods in a lotion bottle. It is a great hack to keep your belongings safe when you’re out.

Empty Toilet Rolls And Plastic Cup Bluetooth

You do not have to invest in an expensive Bluetooth speaker to get your phone to produce high-quality sounds from it. There is a much more convenient option available for you. Rather than spending your money on something expensive, search for some plastic cups and an empty toilet roll in your home.

Cut circles in each of the plastic cups where you will be able to add the empty toilet paper roll. This will allow you to make sure that you have a steady placement for your phone. Now, cut up a slice in the toilet roll, insert your phone in there, and play songs.

Prevent Injury, Use A Clothespin

You might find yourself in need of getting that frame up on the wall at some point. Not only this, but you could be in need of hammering in a needle at any point of your life. So, what is the safest way to go about this? Well, you use a clothespin!

Avoid going in with a hammer on the nail with your fingers holding it. Instead, make use of a clothespin to hold stabilize the needle in place. This way, you will keep your fingers far away from injury. Don’t go harming yourself with a hammer, and use this hack.

Band In The Middle Of The Paint Can

Are you planning on renovating any time soon? Or are you just looking for a repainting of a small piece of your home? Well, you will obviously need lots of paint for these things. The worst thing about using paint cans wish brushes is the excessive paint that comes on it.

Change things around for yourself and place a rubber band from one side of the can to the other. Wipe off the brush once you are done using, and you will see that all of the excess pain comes right off. It is truly an extremely convenient way to paint your home easily.

Cupcake Trays For Sauces

Are you planning a party sometime soon> Well, you will need something to hold your sides and sauces. Often, you will find that you do not have the right number of bowls to keep your sauces in. Also, you need small bowls for them, which can be difficult to find. So, why don’t you try using something convenient for these sauces?

If you’re into baking, then you’re sure to have cupcake trays lying around your kitchen. These make the perfect dishes to keep your sauces in. They have the perfect size for sauces, and there are plenty of spaces for you to keep about six to nine different kinds.

Hanger Clips For Your Chips

Are you trying to seal that packet of chips using a rubber band? Are you having trouble finding one? Well, you should be using something else for this entirely. Get yourself a hanger clip to make things easier for yourself. No need to wrap a band all around anymore.

Instead, all you need to do is place the hanger clip on your chips packet to seal it, and keep the chips inside fresh. It is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to keep your chips from getting soggy. Just roll up the top bit of your chips packet, and you’re good to go!

Cool Your Cola Quickly With A Towel

If there is something that you need to know, it is how to cool your drinks quickly. There are often times when you get drinks for your dinner or lunch, and find that they are room temperature. Who like that? You need a way to chill your drinks as soon as possible. So, what can you possibly do?

Get your hands on a towel, and then wrap your drinks with it. Place your drink in the fridge, and it will be all cooled up in no time. Isn’t this amazing> You do not have to wait for hours to cool drinks anymore!

Keeping Food Fresh With A CD Package

There are often times that you do not feel like having the remaining sandwich, or you just want to cover the sandwich you just made right now to have it later. Well, if you do not have Tupperware, then you are in for trouble as you will not know where to place all of the food.

Well, you are in luck! Now, you can use CD packages to keep your sandwiches from going bad. These work wonderfully for those round bagel sandwiches that you love to make. Rather than adding to the plastic waste in the world, reuse these packages for something good.

Transfer Water With A Dustpan

You might be thinking about how to fix that big old watering can under your sink, especially if your sink is small and the water can or container is huge. Well, you do not have to worry any longer. Do you have a dustpan lying around? Make use of that.

All you have to do is place the dustpan under your sink, and let the water run. Water should flow on the head of the dustpan, and fall through the narrow handle into your water container. There won’t be any messes after this, and you will be able to fill water much quickly.

Razor Covers With Binder Clips

Have you lost the plastic covers for your razors? Well, you will surely be wanting to make sure you cover them as soon as possible to avoid cutting yourself by accident or ruining the blade of your razor too quickly. Guess what you can use as a cover for your razor? Binder clips!

You do not have to worry about finding the plastic covers for this as you can easily make sure that your razors are completely covered using binding clips. This is perhaps one of the most effective bathroom hacks for you to keep your razors safe and keep yourself from getting hurt as well.

Using The Bottleneck To Lock Things Up

You might find that once you open up a packet of something, sealing it tightly again is an issue unless it comes with a zip lock. So, what can you do to make sure that the items in the packet remain fresh and not rot because of being not sealed properly?

Look for a plastic bottle inside of your home, and cut up the top bit of it. Make sure that you have the cap of the bottle as well. Once you have cut up the top bit, place the packets opening through it. Spread out the opening through the bottle top, and then place the cap.

Tennis Ball Garage Marker

It is normal to not know exactly how far off you can go on till to utilize the space in your garage. If you find yourself struggling with parking or getting to the right spot in your parking to park perfectly, then we have the perfect tip for you.

All you need to do is get hold of a string, a tennis ball, and tape. Hang the tennis ball from the ceiling of your garage for the ultimate results. Let is hang at the exact spot you wish your car to be parked at. It is useful as it helps you understand how much space you have to park.

Save Money And Cleaning Time!

Thinking of doing some painting around the house? You are probably going to make use of a paint tray and the roller brush. But the thought of having to clean up the paint tray after you are done is quite annoying. It can be very difficult to get all of the paint off. So, you want to make sure that you be smart about this.

Instead of adding paint directly to the tray, layer the tray up with a plastic bag. This will help you save time and money on the number of liners you get for your paint tray.

Tea Tree To Kill Toilet Germs

While you might be buying a range of bathroom cleaners for your home, you never really know how effective they are. Why not make one yourself that you know will do wonders for your home? Let us guide you on how to create one of the most effective bathroom cleaning agent possible.

All you really need is baking soda, tea tree oil, and vinegar. Mix all of these things up together, and you will find yourself to have the perfect cleaning agent for your toilet. No longer do you need to buy one; create one using the best ingredients at home.

Toilet Rolls For Plant Starters

Are you thinking of growing some plants in your home? Are you not so sure because of the limited space you have around? Well, you no longer have to worry about having too much space to add greens into your life. All you really need are some toilet rolls.

Stop discarding the empty toilet rolls, and reuse them for something more effective. Place these rolls vertically in a container, add soil and plant cuttings to each of them, keep the soil moist, and see them grow effectively. Gardening doesn’t have to be hard. Just use empty toilet rolls for it.

Wardrobe Hangers For Reading

We have to agree, reading cooks books can be quite taxing for our necks, not to forget annoying to get back to while you’re cooking. Why not do something to make this easier for yourself? Grab hold of some wardrobe hangers to make life easier for you. No longer do you have to stand awkwardly, with an aching neck, to know all of the ingredients for the dish that you are making.

Get yourself a wardrobe hanger and hang your cookbook onto a kitchen cabinet using this. Now, your ingredients and instructions will be right in front of you, so you do not have to worry.

Get Rid Of Sandwich Thieves

Do you often find that someone steals away your sandwich from the fridge every time? Well, it is about time you do something about this. It is difficult to find the person who might have eaten your sandwich and get them to confess. Instead, try a smarter hack to keep your sandwich safe from these thieves.

Use a green marker and make marks on the right spots on the zip lock bag in which you keep your sandwich. This will appear to look like a mold, and keep others from eating it. Only you will know that it is not mold.

Toilets Rolls For Your Cables

We have all been in a situation where all of our cables have been completely tangled up, and we don’t know what to do. We have come up with the ultimate hack which can help make sure that your cables remain tangle-free forever.

All you have to do is get hands on empty toilet rolls, and roll up your cables inside one each. So, every cable of yours will have a pocket of its own where you can place them. This will surely help you keep them from getting tangled. It is a convenient, tried, and tested method for you to make use of.

Batter Bottles For You

While making pancakes, you might have thought to yourself how you could get the perfect pour for your round pancakes. No longer do you need to worry about getting an irregular shape or not being able to get the right sizes for your pancakes.

Once you are done making the batter, make use of the empty ketchup bottle. Pour the batter into it after cleaning it all up, and squeeze out the batter on to the pan. It is a much easier and simpler process than having to use multiple spoons for your pancakes. You can use this for different kinds of batters.

Keep Things Straight In Your Wallet

Have you ever been in a situation where you took out your wallet to give out your business card to someone, but found to business card to be folded? Well, you need something to keep things straight inside of your wallet. One thing that you can do is place crayons.

Yes, we know that this isn’t a common hack you will find elsewhere, which is why it makes it all the more special. Adding a crayon to your wallet will make sure that everything inside remains in its place, without being tossed around. We all know how badly we use our wallets.

Glasses Stand For Your Phone

Do you feel like watching something on your phone? It is normal to do so when you wish to stream something, just watch a tutorial, or even study. It is highly possible for you to not have a pop-socket on you to make things easier for you. So, what else can you do?

You can easily make use of any glasses that you have lying around for this. Place your phone in the middle of the glass and rims to find yourself with the perfect way to keep your phone standing for as long as you want. This hack works for almost every phone.

Keep Yourself From Being Shut Out

Do you have that one door in your home that gets stuck often? Well, this hack is to make sure that this doesn’t happen any longer for you. How can you avoid such a situation? Well, it is simple. All you have to do is get hold of a rubber band for this to work.

Loop the rubber band around on one side of the door knob, create a cross with it, and then loop it on the other side of the door knob. The elastic band in between will ensure that you do not get stuck even if this door is closed.

Color-Coordinated Keys

It is common to find yourself running through your keys and figuring out which one fits in which lock. Doing so takes up a lot of time on your end as you find it difficult to get to the desired lock opened for yourself. So, what can you do for this?

Paint the heads of each key with a different color so that you can differentiate between them. You can easily make use of nail polish colors for this task. Just paint the color on the key, and associate a color with a particular lock. It will be easier to remember now.

Clean Your Drain With Salt

It is normal to get your kitchen sink or shower clogged from time to time. While the occurrence of this is normal, you need to also think of a good solution to ensure that you get rid of this as soon as possible. Rather than calling someone to get this fixed, do it easily yourself.

All you need is salt and hot water. Sprinkle a decent amount of salt on your drain, and then pour hot water on top of it. Wait for it to dissolve. You will find that the drain opens up at the salt dissolves with the hot water.

Wash Your Potatoes In The Dishwasher

Making various dishes with potatoes is fun. But the part where you have to clean them isn’t the best of them all. You want a quick way to ensure that you potatoes are all cleaned at ready for preparation. Rather than having to clean it all with your hands, what else can you do?

Well, load them all up in the dishwasher! It is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to wash your potatoes. You do not need to add the dish washing liquid of course. Just get your potatoes in the machine, and have them all cleaned up automatically.

Clean Clogged Toilets With Dish Soap

If there is one thing that no one likes, it is clogged toilets. You want to make sure that your toilet remains clog-free, no matter what. The easiest and simplest way to do is using your dish soap. Keep in mind that the liquid dish soap works better than any other option for this.

All you have to do is make sure that dish soap liquid is added to the toilet for about 30 minutes. This will help break down the clogged toilet, and allow you to clean it all in very quickly. Use the toilet brush to clean away the sides, and flush it all out.

Icey Grapes For Your Drinks

You might often find that adding ice cubes to your drinks only waters them down, ruining the taste. You want to avoid having your drink’s taste ruined, so you should look for a better way to do this. Luckily for you, we have the perfect way for you to get around chilling your wine or any other drink without having to water them down.

What you need for this is grapes only. Add the grapes to your freezer, and let them freeze. Next time you are in the mood for wine or any other drink, just pop some of these frozen grapes into your drink.

Toilet Rolls For Wrapping Paper

If you are into arts and crafts, you are sure to have a multitude of supplies in your home. But the sad part is, you will find that they easily get ruined when they are placed inside your cabinets and drawers. So, what can you do to make sure they remain in their perfect shape?

Well, all you really need are empty toilet rolls. Yes, empty toilet rolls are extremely versatile, so do not throw them away next time. Roll up your wrapping paper in these, and see how effectively you are able to store them without ruining them quickly.

Walnut Fix For Furniture

Do you have furniture that is scratched up a bit? The first thing that you must be thinking about is about to get rid of these, and the only solution you might be thinking of are scratch removal products. The downside of these products is that they are pretty expensive.

A cheaper alternative for this is using walnuts. Yes, you read that right. Rubbing a walnut on your furniture can help remove a series of scratches from it. It is perhaps one of the most effective methods to use. And the best part is, it is the cheapest solution available.

Add A Ring To Your Zipper

It is normal to run into zipper problems. You do not want to run around with your pants fly all open. It is time for you to stop worrying about this as you now have solution to make sure this doesn’t happen to you any longer.

For this, you will need to get your hands on a ring that you will add on top of your zipper head. Now, you get to zip up your pants and make sure that you hook the attached ring onto the button. This will allow you to keep your zipper secure for longer, and keep your fly closed.

Create Locking Habits

You might find that you regularly have to check whether or not you have locked your doors twice. Mostly because you forget that you might have done this before or not. You do not want to waste your time trying to figure this out every time you have to head out the door.

What you can do instead is try to come up with a habit that will allow you to remember that you have locked your door. For instance, patting yourself on the shoulder or any other specific action after locking the door will give you the assurance that you have locked the door.

Pool Noodle Bumpers

Looking for a way to stop hitting your car on the garage wall every time you try to park it? If nothing works for you, then you will have to get hold of some pool noodles for this. Yes, you read that right. Pool noodles are an effective method to keep yourself from hitting the walls of your garage.

All you need to do for this is to make sure that you drill the pool noodles on each wall of your garage. This will keep your car from getting scratched, and prove to be one of the best cheap methods of placing a bumper in your garage.

Reuse Old Cribs

Is your baby out of the phase where they needed the crib? Looks like you have an old crib lying around then. Why not reuse it as desk now that there isn’t any other purpose it is serving? It can be a great place to get your work done.

What you need to do for this is remove one of the sides of the cribs, and attached a sturdy surface on top where you can keep all of your items. Place a chair in front of this newly created desk, and get started with your work. It isn’t too difficult to do this.

Charge Your Phone With USB Ports

Is your phone out of battery and you forgot the plug of the charger? Well, you must know that you don’t really need the plug anymore for you to charge your phone. All you really need is your USB cable. The best thing about these USB cables is that they work with a series of electronics.

So, if you are surrounded by a TV, speakers, laptop, or any other electronic, then you are safe. Connect your USB cable with any of these items, and you will find that your phone is charged up in no time at all. How cool is that?

Connecting Cords

It is normal for you to find that you have to connect cords for your electrical uses. But you might also find that these are easy to strain or break apart. What you can do instead to ensure that they remain together and not break apart is tie them up.

Doing so allows you to make sure that you keep the cords connected for a long time. More than that, you also find that you’re able to ensure that you know where they are straining from if they are being pulled on too much. This hack makes it much more convenient to use cables.

Freeze Water In Bottles

Are you in love with drinking cold water? Well, there is great hack available for you to make use of every day. For this, you need a water bottle only. Fill up the water bottle halfway with water, and then freeze it completely. Now, you have a readymade iced bottle for you to use.

Once you have to drink water, just fill up the iced bottle with water, and take it with you wherever you are going. You will be able to keep water cold for much longer than you have ever before. Use this whenever you want on a hot day.

Using Spaghetti For Lighting Candles

Do you love using scented or any other kind of candles at home? Well, your candles might be burning too much lately and have their wicks far too down for you to light them up using the matchstick. So, what can you do now to avoid your hand from burning?

Make use of uncooked spaghetti to light up your candles. The best thing about this is that you do not have to get into the candle with your hands getting too close to the flame. This is an effective way to make sure that your candle burns without hurting you in any way.

Vacuum Up The Pony Tail

You might have seen this trick in many videos and not believed it. But it is very true, and it works! You want to make sure that you have a secure grip on the hair for this to work, though. It might seem tricky, but it can be very easy as well.

This is perfect for those who have girls that don’t like their parents pulling on their hair with a brush to tie them up. Using a vacuum works wonders. Turn the vacuum on, suck all the hair in the tube, and add a hair tie to the hair. It is simple.

Double Up The Ribbons For Your Luggage

You can easily get confused at the airport to find your luggage since that are so many of the similar nature running around in loops at baggage. So, what can you do to recognize your luggage? The easiest thing to do is get yourself some extremely bright ribbons.

Make use of different color combinations so that you can remember your distinct colors for your luggage. All you need to do is make sure to tie up the ribbon on the handle bars of the luggage for you to see them easily. Choosing bright and different color combinations will help you with this much better.

Refresh Your Room With Dryer Sheets

It is normal to find yourself in a situation where you might have a bad smell in your dorm room. That has a lot to do with the maintenance of your dorm rather than your personal habits. So, if you’re looking for a quick way to get rid of that smell in your room, you should reach out for some effective dyer sheets.

Place the dryer sheets in front of the AC vents to ensure the purification of the smell in your room. There will less of the bad smell left in your room once you do this as they dryer sheets will help you get rid of it.

Waterproof Your Shoes With Beeswax

If there is one thing that you need for the rain season, it is waterproof shoes. You have probably ruined way to many shoes because of them not being waterproof. Well, you have a solution to follow through now to make sure that your shoes are waterproof.

For this, you need beeswax only. Yes, you read the right. All you have to do it spread beeswax across your shoes, and see how waterproof they become instantly. You will be surprised to see this. Test out your shoes by dropping water on them after spreading the beeswax, you will be stunned to see the results.

Add Newspaper To Your Bins

Do you find that every time you go for picking up your garbage bag, it leaks of disgusting liquid? Well, there is solution for this now. You don’t have to deal with such a disgusting situation ever again. All you need to do is place newspaper at the bottom of your trashcan.

What does this do? Well, the newspaper will take in all of the liquid that comes out from your garbage. This will allow you to have a relatively more pleasant experience taking the trash out than before. No longer will you have to deal with garbage leaks and liquids.

Mobile Lights And Colored Drinks

You will find that neon lights can be quite expensive to buy. Plus, they also kind of give you a head if you make use of them for too long. So, what is a cheaper solution for you to make use of? Look for things inside your home, or even your hand.

Your mobile phone surely has a light inside of it. Get your hands on a colored drink (any energy drink works wonders for this), and you will see how amazing the combination is. Place the light of your phone below the bottle, and see the amazing creation of colored lights.

Keeping Your Cables Safe With Springs

You might find that you have many ballpoint pens lying around at home that do not work anymore. Why not use these for somethings effective? Open up these pens and take out the spring that is inside of these pens to use them for your charging cables.

You no longer have to worry about breaking the charging cables of your phone any longer. All you have to do is add the spring to the connecting point of the charger, which is the end part of it. Keep it secure over there and see how long your chargers last you now.

Binder Support For Keyboard

Do you find that the support on your keyboard keeps breaking up frequently? Well, you will have to find an alternative solution for this to make sure that your keyboard is placed at the perfect angle for you. So, what can you do?

Well, you should look for binder clips as a solution for this. It will be one of the best things for you when it comes to finding support for your keyboard. They have the perfect angle to keep your keyboard lifted and give you are the perfect support. Plus, they are pretty convenient to replace as well.

Spoon Over Pot

Do you always seem to find yourself in situation where you are boiling something and it all falls over from the pot? We have all been there. There is a very effective hack for this that you can use. It is placing a spoon over the pot, right through the middle of it.

You will find that this helps make sure to keep the pot from overflowing as the spoon breaks apart the flow of the boil. So, next time you are boiling rice or even milk, you should make sure to place a wooden spoon on top of the pot to keep the ingredients from overflowing.

Frozen Sponge Icepack

We have seen many variations of icepacks, but all of them seem to have one thing in common; the dripping. This can get quite annoying. Having water drip from icepacks isn’t the best things out there. So, what can you do to decrease this? Well, freeze your sponges.

Yes, that is right. For this, you need to make sure that you place sponges inside of zip lock bags, and then place them in the freezer. Once these sponges are frozen, they will make the perfect icepacks for you. The best thing about them is that they won’t drip! The sponge will soak up all of the water.

Child Safety With Pool Noodles

If there is one thing that you always want to make sure, it is the safety for your child. But if they have grown out of the age of using cribs, and are using beds now, you want to make sure they sleep safely. How can you ensure this in the best possible manner?

Make use of pool noodles on your child’s bed to make sure that there aren’t any accidents at night. You will be able to keep your baby safe from falling over while sleeping. Prepare their beds with a pool noodle as a bumper to keep them safe when you’re not there.

The Taped Pen Hack

Have you recently gotten into trouble at school? One of the most common punishments that every teach likes to give is writing the apology a hundred times. You might even find your parents doing the same thing if you make any kind of mischief. But, guess what? There is a hack to get over with the punishment quickly.

All you have to do is tape five pens together vertically. Make sure that the pens are in line properly to make sure this works. Now, get the piece of paper, and start writing your apology five times in one go. Easy, isn’t it?

Binder Clips For Toothpaste

You might be squeezing out all of your toothpaste with your hands to make sure that you get it all out. But there is a possibility that you do not get it all out from the tube. If you’re looking to make sure that you get to use all of the toothpaste from the tube, then you should make use of binder clips on the ends.

By placing binder clips, and then pushing the toothpaste outwards will allow you to make sure that you get all of the toothpaste out. No longer will you have to waste a lot of the toothpaste inside of the tube.

Making Tape Clips

You commonly find yourself in a situation where you’re trying to make sure that you get to the opening of the tape but aren’t able to. There is a very convenient hack for this. All you need to do is get hold of a paper clip or bread clip to make this work.

For this, you will need to open up the tape, and as soon as you’re done using it, place a paper clip on the ending. This way, you will remember where you the end of the tape is without worrying about spending too much time finding it.

Cut Equal Portions of Cheese With A String

Cutting cheese or butter using your knife might not be the most effective way to get the perfect layers. If you want to make sure that you get equal layers of cheese when you cut it, then you should try using a string for this. It is known to be the most effective method for cutting.

Using a knife limits your space, whereas using a string gives you more space to work with. This helps ensuring that you have enough space to get those perfect layers of cheese that you want to keep on top of your platter or food.

Screwdriver In Place Of A Funnel

Do you find yourself in a situation where you cannot find your funnel to add oil in your car’s engine? Well, you need to have an alternative solution present for you to make sure that you do not have a difficult time getting the oil into your car.

What you can use instead of a funnel is a screwdriver. Yes, you heard that right. You can now make use of a screwdriver to drizzle the oil into the car. The length of the screwdriver allows you to get the oil in the right place, without having it fall off everywhere.

Adding Velcro To Your Rugs

If there is one thing that you must know about keeping your rugs in place, it is using Velcro. It is common to find your rugs slipping into different directions all the time. If you wish to limit or completely eradicate this issue, then you must learn how to attach Velcro to your rugs.

All you have to do for this work out is apply an adhesive layer where you wish your rug to be, and then add the Velcro on top of this adhesive layer. Use the second layer to add on top, and then place your rug on top of this.

The Perfect Crispy Grilled Cheese

If you wish to know the recipe to a perfectly made batch of grilled cheese, then you must keep reading. Make use of two cookie trays to get the perfect grilled cheese sandwich for yourself. It is perhaps one of the most effective ways to get a crispy layer on top and a cheesy layer in the middle.

Place your sandwiches in one cookie tray, and then place another cookie tray on top of this. Squeezing the sandwiches in the middle will allow for the perfect crisp that you look for in grilled cheese. There is nothing better than this.

Bags For Your Clothes

Are you moving sometime soon? Well, you must be wondering how to get all of your clothes from one place to another. The ideal way to do this is to wrap them all up in plastic while they are hung on hangers. Doing so will ensure that they remain safe from all of the dust and you can easily open them up to wear them whenever you want.

This method is better than having to use cardboard boxes as those do not ensure the longevity of your clothes. Plus, they get easily harmed when they are boxed up, squished together in a tight container.

Plastic Holder For Your Phone

There are often times where you find yourself in a car or even a flight where you don’t have access to an inbuilt TV, and you want to keep yourself occupied for the travel. To make your travels much more entertaining, all you have to do is get yourself a plastic bag.

Yes, your read that right. A plastic bag will make sure that you can create a phone hold no matter where you are. All, you have to do is make sure that you hook the plastic bag using the hooks behind the seats, and hang your phone from there. Now, you can watch whatever you like.

Tasty Treat With Nutella

Are feeling like having a sundae but don’t have all of the ingredients to create one? Well, there is a quick fix that you can use to give yourself the perfect dessert without having to do much. All you need is a jar of Nutella at home and some ice cream. These two ingredients make the perfect mix for a dessert.

Rather than pouring Nutella over your ice cream, take a couple of scoops of ice cream and add them in the Nutella jar. This will allow you to have the perfect quantity of both things. Keep in mind that you don’t do this with a completely filled jar of Nutella.

Carabiner For Carrying Groceries

Are you looking for the ultimate way to move all of your groceries from your car to your home in one go? Then you should be searching for a carabiner with which you can do this effectively. You do not have to worry about having to run back and forth to get your groceries with this.

All you need to do is loop in the handles of all of the plastic bags in the carabiner, and then move it easily without having to worry about the plastic handles of the bags. While doing this, make sure you have enough strength to move them all in one go.