A Step-By-Step Guide To Create Shoe Polish At Home


If you love shoes, you know how great they look when they are polished. Besides that, a great polish will also ensure that your shoes last longer. However, you don’t need to invest in expensive shoe polish to keep your shoes looking fantastic.

Instead, you can create a fantastic environmentally-friendly shoe polish at home in no time. Here is your complete guide to making an affordable shoe polish.

A Guide To Creating Shoe Polish

The first thing you must do is get the ingredients you need to create the shoe polish. You will not need a lot of supplies to create this polish. The chances are that you will already have these items in your kitchen pantry.

To create the shoe polish, all you need is some lemon juice and olive oil. Once you have these two ingredients, here are the steps you must follow to create it:

  • Combine two parts olive oil and one part lemon juice
  • Take a small and clean cloth
  • Rub some shoe polish mixture on the shoes
  • Let the mixture soak for a few minutes
  • Buff your shoes using another cloth

These are the top five steps you must follow to create the shoe polish. Once you have the polish, you can use it to keep your shoes shiny for a long time to come.

Top Tips For Using The Shoe Polish

Now that you know how to create the shoe polish, here are the top tips you can follow:

1. Apply To Dry And Clean Shoes

If you want to make the most of your shoe polish, we recommend that you apply it to clean and dry shoes. That is because you don’t want to lock in any stains or dirt on your shoes. So, use this to give your shoes a great cleaning and shine.

2. Use Only On Leather Shoes

The recipe we have offered you is only good for leather shoes. We recommend that you don’t use this recipe on suede shoes. That is because if you apply this polish on suede shoes, it can lead to stains.

3. Use The Polish Once Every Month

We recommend that you use the shoe polish once every month or whenever you need it. Doing this will extend the life of shoes. Besides that, it will also keep the leather from splitting. So, don’t forget to give your shoes a monthly shine for the best results.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to creating a shoe polish at home. The polish is affordable to create and will not harm the environment in any way. You can create it as you would like to use it.

You can also use other ways to shine your leather shoes if you don’t want to use olive oil or lemon juice. However, this recipe will work best to keep the shine intact, regardless of how much you use the shoes. So, don’t forget to create this shoe polish today.