Alicia Keys’ Home Decor Must-Haves: Decorate Like the Celebrity


Alicia Keys is a celebrity with an enviable home. From her luxurious Manhattan apartment to the beach-side retreat in Costa Rica, Alicia Keys has some serious style and it’s not just when she’s on stage or in front of the camera. Check out these must-have pieces from Alicia’s home decor including furniture pieces that are essential to any room as well as tips on how to style your space with eclectic flair.

All White Dishes

Using white dishes is chic, modern and classic all at the same time. Choosing to use and decorate your space with all-white dinnerware either in the same pattern or different pieces gives you endless options when it comes time for entertaining guests or hosting a family meal. Just check out Alicia Keys’ all white dinnerware if you are confused about the choice.

Modern and Beautiful Desk

Alicia Keys has a very sophisticated and sleek home office where she does much of her writing. The piece de resistance in this room is the beautiful modern desk with gorgeous wood detailing and golden accents. In addition to its beauty, it also provides enough space for your computer, books or other essentials that you need close at hand when working from home.

Unique Geometric Decorative Pieces

Adding unique pieces into your decorating can add instant personality to any area of your house or apartment including adding accessories such as funky vases inside a more traditional décor scheme. If you want to make your house look like that of a celebrity then go for a geometric metal art piece for your study room like the one that Alicia Keys has. Geometric Artwork

Highly Functional Storage Containers

Alicia Keys lives in a beautiful house in Manhattan. She has a lot of beautiful things at her house. One of the things that you would see her use is the unique storage containers she has in her kitchen and other rooms. She buys storage containers that are highly functional,  which means that their shape also serves a purpose like not letting the container tilt over or protecting the items inside the container from insects. These high-quality containers are beautifully designed which complements the beauty of the celebrity’s house. Not only are they functional but they have a very decorative appeal to them.

Beautiful Cutting Boards for Kitchen

Alicia keys has a good sense of style. She likes to have beautiful things in her house including the kitchen. She has very beautiful and elegantly designed cutting boards in her kitchen. Normally we just use the cutting boards and put the simple and battered cutting board back in the cabinet. Well, not Alicia Keys. Her cutting board collection is one that looks better on the counter.

Scented Candles in Wooden Bowl

Just imagine a wooden bowl fill with scented wax. This is another sign of how unique Alicia Key’s style is. She has scented candles in her house that come in a wooden rack which is perfect for decoration. It adds a lot of value to the entire appearance of the house.