Back to Basics: Cleaning Your Lace and Silk Undergarments


Have you been wondering what the best way to wash your undergarments is? Well, look no further. We’ve got you covered with all the details about how to wash different types of undergarments, their aftercare, and how to maintain their shape.

For long, it’s been told that you should only hand wash your undergarments. But is this really true? Get all the inside scoop here.

Can You Wash Your Undergarments in the Washing Machine?

The longstanding belief is that you should always hand wash your undergarments. But the truth is that you don’t always have to do this. There is some flexibility for you to wash your bras and underwear in your washing machine, as long as it’s a frontload machine. Why is this so?

According to multiple experts, top load machines are harsh on clothes and they will cause your undergarments to come out deformed. So, the great feeling you get when you wear your favorite bra will all be ruined as they’ll be treated harshly in the machine.

Once washed in the front load machine, you can leave your bra out to dry with the hooks in place. Make sure that you use detergent for delicate clothing as those are readily available as well. This will help keep the look of your undergarments.

Washing Lace and Silk Garments in the Washing Machine

This one’s a big no. If you don’t want to ruin the lace and the silky material of your undergarments, then it’s best that you completely avoid using the washing machine. Handwashing your lace and silk undergarments is not harsh and allows you to keep the lace from getting ruined.

In case you leave your lace undergarment in the washing machine, there’s a high chance that it’ll come out with all of its lace ruined. This is mostly because the washing machine’s movement makes all the clothes tug on each other. There’s also a high possibility that your bra’s hooks might get stuck on other clothing.

Let’s agree that buying lacey and silky undergarments is not easy on the pockets. Would you want to throw them out only after a few washes? Avoid using the washing machine for these fabrics as that will only ruin your expensive undergarments.

Temperature and Technique of Washing Lace Undergarments

Make sure that the temperature of the water is warm when you’re handwashing your lace undergarments. It makes it easier to clean out. Not only this, but you should also make sure that you use the right technique while washing. Don’t tug or scrunch excessively as that will damage the lace and texture of your undergarments.

Instead, go for a gentle approach where you swirl the undergarments in the water and soap mix for a while. You can also leave them soaked for a few minutes before you drain out the water and leave them to dry on a rack.

How Often Should You Wash Your Lace Undergarments?

Considering the hygiene point of view, you should wash your lace or any other undergarments after every wear. Don’t repeat your undergarments the next day as well as it can cause multiple health concerns.