Best Tiny Homes on Instagram You Might Want To Check Out


Currently, most people prefer to live in a more spacious and large house. Most times some people who want to move into a new home might decide to wait until they’ve got enough money for a large house since things are pretty difficult.

But these popular tiny home accounts have given us a new aspect of living your life in a comfortable and minimalist tiny house. You should also remember that living in a minimalist way doesn’t necessarily mean that you are sacrificing something. It simply means creating more time to choose what is more important to you.

 Even if you don’t find living in a tiny house favorable, these few Instagram accounts would motivate and teach you how to live a bit smarter.


You simply can’t resist the urge of leaving your current home and put resources into a minimalistic home after visiting this Instagram page. They produce one of the best minimalist house in tiny house communities. They also have a website where they talk about life while living in tiny houses.


The specialty of living in tiny houses relates to starting again from scratch and zeroing in on expectations and needs without craving for things you want instead. The owners of this account, Joshua and Shelley are doing exactly that in their tiny living space. And you can’t resist the urge to fall in love with the cactus wallpaper of their home


Living in tiny houses gives individuals greater adaptability and an open door for more experience while making every moment count. This Instagram page depicts that your home is the place where the experience starts and also gives the advice that you don’t generally need to live lavishly before living big and in a comfortable home.


Living little doesn’t generally mean living provincial except if you are interested in such. This Instagram page exhibits a beautiful and modern home that you may very well need for your own house design.


The owner of this Instagram page, Dolly stays in a delightful and breezy minimalistic house in Australia. She built the house all for herself. The house is designed with moderate and modern materials, moreover she can easily move the house around since it is built on wheels. This makes traveling so easy for her.


According to their bio on Instagram. The owners, Craig and Amy reduced the space of their home to increase their experiences. Their little, lovely and purposeful home is situated at the Vancouver Island. It offers them the opportunity to carry on with life in a manner numerous individuals on the planet will never find the opportunity to.


The couple, Luke and Rachel redesigned a bus and changed it into their own minimalistic house with the aim of getting more experience, opportunity as well as meeting fascinating individuals. Their way of life is worthy of emulation with a completely dazzling living space.


Who doesn’t love a decent gallery wall, particularly in a minimalist house? The beautiful couple live in their small but accommodating home with their kids. Their home is situated in California and their Instagram page is filled with lots of delightful and motivating pictures of their little but comfortable home.