Create Your Own Candlesticks


A candlestick holder can cost up to $50 per piece. Not everyone wants to spend such an amount on such an item. Therefore, many people want alternatives to decorate their tables better.

Here is one of the best ways to create your candlestick holder. Customize it in any way you like. Keep reading to know how to make your candlestick holder.

Way to Make Your Candlestick

There may be many other ways to follow and create your candlestick. However, mentioned below is one of the easiest ways. Follow it, and you will get yourself a beautiful candlestick holder that would go best with your dining table.

We have distributed the method in simple steps to make it further easy for you. Each step would get you closer to successfully making your candlestick holder.

The first and best material you will need is oven-baked clay and a taper candlestick. The oven-baked clay would provide a strong foundation for the candlestick holder.

Step 1: Working With the Clay

Let’s start by thinning the clay. Then, it would be best to roll it with a rolling pin. However, while rolling it, make sure it is only a quarter-inch thick.

Step 2: Cut the Clay

To make a strong foundation, you need to cut a smooth edge circle from the clay. A bowl would work best in that. Turn the bowl upside down and press hard on the clay you just thinned.

This would give you a perfect round.

Step 3: Use the Remaining Clay to Shape the Holder

Cut out an inch of a strip from the clay that you cut. That flattened clay that you were thinking to waste would come to the best use for this.

Once you have the strip in your hand, wrap it around the base of the taper candle you have. Make sure to tightly wrap it around the tapered stick as that clay ring that would come will hold the candle of your candlestick holder.

Press and merge the seam created on the ring in this process. Next, use a knife to trim the edges of the rim to smoothen it.

After this, merge the ring into the round clay piece that you cut out. Again, make sure there is no seam or crack visible.

Step 4: Bake the Clay

Bake the clay as it would strengthen it. Only bake the clay for around 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure not to over bake the clay, and cracks can start appearing.

Step 5: Let it Cool and Paint.

After you bring the clay out of the oven, let it cool before painting it.

The painting is in your hands to customize the candlestick holder the way you like it. The options are endless, and your creativity will help you paint the candlestick holder.

Final Words

This is one of the best and easiest ways to create your candlestick holder. Make sure to follow each step thoroughly for a strong holder. Once you have the candlestick holder ready, you can use it anywhere.