Creative DIY Vase Ideas That Anyone Can Do


Do you need to find a stylish way to display your favorite flowers? Look no further than this guide! These ideas have been thoroughly vetted for your approval from vases made from old bottles, old wine glasses, and even LEGO pieces.

1. Use an old Mason jar

A Mason jar is a great way to hold your flowers. They’re usually inexpensive, and they’re great at catching the light and showing off the color of your flowers. Plus, they can double as a vase, just in case you need that extra flower display.

2. A wine bottle makes a perfect vase

Wine bottles are perfect for holding your flowers. You can cut them down to whatever height you like and choose the color matching your flowers. Also, the bottle’s opening is usually somewhat narrow, which means that it will help control how much water gets into the flower stalks.

3. Use an old water bottle

If you’re in a pinch, grab an empty water bottle and cut it down to size. If you want to get fancy, use some colored tape to wrap it or paint it. You can even go as far as to decorate with a sticker.

4. Use LEGO pieces to hold your flowers

You can use LEGO pieces to create a vase for your favorite flowers. Choosing a block that has a hole in the center will make the actual vase holding part easy. It’s a great way to use up some of the smaller little pieces, too.

You can also create a more elaborate piece by using some of the bigger blocks. This way, you can make the front look really cool with an opening for your flowers while also creating a solid base on the back.

5. Old medicine bottles make for great vases

We’re talking about those old medicine bottles from around the time of the Civil War. They’re just the right size, and they look great. Plus, sometimes you can find them in a variety of colors. You’ll need to keep an eye out for bottles like this.

Think outside the box and use the smaller medicine bottles for tiny flowers that you pick in the wilderness or from your flower bed. Also, if you want to put a freshly cut flower in the bottle, you’ll need to put some water and maybe some sugar into the bottle as well.

6. Use an old coffee mug

You can get creative with your vases using the right coffee mugs. The best flowers for coffee mugs are the smaller types. What you want to do here is fill the mug with as many flowers as you can.

If you want to give the mug as a gift, try your best to find a mug that has something clever or witty on the front of it. No one will ever be able to forget the person who gave them such a great gift.


The next time you bring home some flowers, don’t just throw them into a glass of water and hope for the best. If you want to take your flower arrangement to another level, try one of these ideas. They’re cheap and fun to make. Plus, you’ll be the talk of your friends for months!