Easy To Make Dog Toys For Your Care-Free Canine


When you want to look after your dog, you can find it tough to locate toys that you know they are genuinely going to love using. If you are struggling to come up with some great toys bought at the store that your dog will love, here are some tips for easy to make DIY dog toys that your pet is going to love working with.

Whether it’s a little toy for fun or something to help them stay de-stressed, the following toys make great investments of your time and your energy.

DIY dog agility booster

A fine toy for any dog is one that can keep them busy and active. An agile dog is a happy dog, and we recommend you make something that can give them a bit of cheer when it comes to them staying in the best condition that they can.

This toy can be made simply by getting some PVC piping and some fittings. These can then be set up as little poles for your dog to run in-between, giving them an easy toy to play with that literally just costs you a few bucks to build.

DIY dog sack toys

Our dogs often love to have something to chew on and to fight with. Well, this toy is one of the best options to start with. It works well because all you need is a tennis ball and an old, clean sock. Put the tennis ball within the sock and then push it towards the bottom of the sock, so it is near where the toes should stick out.

Then, tie a knot in the above area so they ball stays where it should, and your dog has a fun chew toy they’ll absolutely adore waiting for them.

DIY dog tennis balls

What if you want to make your own tennis ball, though? Easy! You just need to get some old t-shirts or an old shirt, and slice it up into some strips. Then, you need to braid those shirt strips. It’s an easy toy for them to play with and to chew on, and when rolled up into a collective ball it offers them a lot of fun.

The weight should be enough to ensure the ball goes far, and it should be more than durable enough that your dog can chew on it without the fabric tearing or splitting.

DIY dog chew toy

Another useful toy for any dog that wants to have some fun is to get an old sweet potato. Slice the sweet potato up into small pieces and then dice out the middle part, leaving a hole in each part that you slice up. Then, you put that inside the oven and bake it for around 5-6 hours. This leaves the potatoes nice and dried out – you then just need to get some rope and put that through the hole in the potato. Now, your dog has a chew toy that actually gives them some fibre and taste to enjoy!