Easy-to-Make Recipes for the Best Homemade Foot Scrub


That adorable fresh pair of flip-flops might be painfully distracted by dry, cracked, itching feet and heels. And attempting to get rid of that flaky, dry skin to expose smoother feet would seem like, well, a task, but only if you’re ready to spend money on a spa pedicure.

But don’t panic; there are many inexpensive DIY cures for dry, unsightly feet that you can make at home using supplies you most likely already own. These easy recipes will leave your feet smoother and more touchable in no time, from coarse DIY foot washes that remove dead skin to overnight DIY foot treatments you can wear.

1. DIY Foot Scrub with Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils

You’ll need rosemary, peppermint oil, coconut oil, table salt, Kosher salt, and oils of olive, peppermint, and peppermint.

All of the ingredients for this simple scrub can be found in your kitchen; the only additional item you might need is a little amount of peppermint oil. After taking a shower, rub your foot in circular movements on the most calloused regions, and then rinse to help remove some of the dead skin. To seal it all in, finish with a moisturizer.

2. Lemon DIY Foot Peel

You’ll need uncoated aspirin pills and fresh lemon juice as ingredients.

Acids like glycolic and salicylic break down unsavory skin cells, so you can physically peel them off, as seen in YouTube videos displaying the obscenely delightful impact of the brand “Baby Foot.” Put this at-home substitute for the poplar peel with your most calloused regions, cover with bubble wrap, and keep on until the skin starts to peel. When it’s finished, take off the homemade foot peel for immediately softer feet.

3. Simple Foot Scrub with Shea Butter

You’ll need rolled oats, fine cornmeal, unprocessed shea butter, Epsom salts, and any necessary oil.

With the abrasive cornmeal, anti-inflammatory oats, and calming Epsom salts in this DIY scrub, your sore and overworked feet will feel brand new in no time. For your heels, deeply massage this combination to remove dead skin that has accumulated there. In addition to promoting blood circulation, a foot scrub helps quickly ease hurting feet.

4. Make Your Own Black Tea Foot Soak

You’ll need black tea, aromatic oils, boiling water, and Epsom salts.

The advantages of this leisurely bath will make you feel peaceful, so sit back, unwind, and enjoy. The warm water will assist in softening the dry skin on the bottom of your heels, and the Epsom salt will aid in the removal of toxins from the body.

5. DIY Listerine Foot Soak

White vinegar, salt, Listerine mouthwash, hot water, and peppermint oil are all required ingredients.

It seems strange, but this online beauty trick works. The chemical breakdown and exfoliation of the skin are done gently by the acids in the vinegar and Listerine, revealing brighter, cleaner, and smoother feet.

6. DIY Vanilla and Brown Sugar Foot Scrub

This recipe will need brown sugar, almond oil, vitamin E oil, and vanilla extract.

To top it all off, the vitamin E oil in this scrub makes even the driest skin glow. Remove dead skin from the soles of your feet by scrubbing one spoonful of this sugary-sweet scrub over them. Then, put the remaining scrub in a sealed container in the refrigerator for use when your feet require a refresher.