Family Flips Old School Bus into Dream Three-Bed Motor Home


If you are someone who appreciates creativity, then you would love what this couple did with a school bus. Spike and Elizabeth Stone worked on a project to turn a school bus into a home. The pandemic and lockdown had many people thinking about their lives. A lot of people started to rethink what they were doing in life and how they wanted to move forward. Life got really boring during the pandemic and that is what led this couple to start a DIY project of turning a school bus into a three-bed motor home.

They wanted to go on an adventure during the pandemic as working from home was getting a bit boring and their kids weren’t going to school because of the lockdown all over the country. However, they knew they needed a good ride if they wanted to be on the road all the time. This is what made them convert the school bus into an RV-style vehicle.

How Much Time Did It take to complete The Project?

It took the couple around two months to complete the project. The couple knew that it could be a very costly project so they did all the work themselves. They worked themselves in order to keep the overall cost down. They did not have any major experience in the field before they started this project however they knew that their passion would be enough for them to learn and complete the project in the best way possible. Spike had seen someone else convert a bus when he was a child so he had a little know-how and some ideas about how they could go about the project.

They started the project back in June 2020. Buying the bus wasn’t a random decision. It was a well thought one. The couple researched what vehicle would work best for them and they decided that decommissioned buses were a great thing to start their project on. They started looking for a bus online which they could purchase within their budget. They were in luck as they found an old school bus being sold on Facebook marketplace for $3500. So the couple bought it. Even though the bus was old, it was in fairly good condition. So the couple was really happy when they got it.

How Did They Go About The Project?

First, the couple ripped everything apart from the bus. Then they painted the exterior so it may look good and not look like a school bus anymore. The bus was painted green and little white on the top. Then they fitted a platform for queen size bed for themselves and a bunk bed for the kids. There was wooden flooring done on the floor. They added a bathroom and a kitchen to complete their on-the-wheel home. They also added a climbing wall inside the bus for the kids so the kids wouldn’t get bored.

The whole experience cost them $15000 however it was one experience that was worth spending all the money on.