Four Simple Cleaning Tips For Lazy Homeowners


Hey, we’ve all been there. You keep putting off home domestic project X, Y, and Z. Now, you have a notebook worth of ideas and things that need repaired. Yet as you keep procrastinating, the problems mount up. The easiest way out of this solution? Start by engaging in some much-needed spring cleaning. Spend a little time going through the following spring cleaning tips, and you can make a boost start on the cleaning jobs that are holding you back from getting the rest of your home in pristine working order long-term.

Clean Ovens And Microwaves

Start off by giving your ovens and microwaves a good clean. You can use oven and microwave cleaner, but another useful solution is to simply put a bowl of water with some lemon and vinegar into the oven or the microwave. Then, run this until the water begins to boil. Let this seep in around the place, and then use a warm rage and wipe the inside.

This will soon remove much of the gunk and build-up that was surrounding the inside. Best of all? The lemon helps to leave that gorgeous citrus smell that’s so awesome.

Get The Tub In Use

Start off by getting all of those things you want to clean by hand and put them all into the bath tub. Fill up your tub with the right cleaning solution and then throw in everything like blinds, AC filters, and racks from your oven into the tub. Clean them all in here and you avoid having to find needlessly large amounts of space to clean them in the kitchen or outdoors.

Put that tub to good use and get all of your essential items that need cleaned taken care of.

Use The Sun To Your Advantage

The suns natural UV rays are brilliant for disinfecting and killing off things that even our washing machines cannot deal with. For things like bedroom linen and towels, hang them outside on a warm, sunny day and let the rays of the sun do the job that you need to get them well and tried cleaned up and cared for.

Little tricks and techniques like this can really go a long, long way to making sure you can get all of the help and support you need to absolutely transform things. 

Prepare Some Bespoke Bins

If you find you simply have too much clutter piled up, you are not alone. You should look to make a change, though, by getting two or three new bins and labelling them. Designate each bin to a specific type of material or product, and now you can start throwing everything into a bespoke cleaning facility.

This is great for making sure you can prepare your bins in a way that ensures that they are less likely to be filled up with items that should not be recycled, for example. It also makes getting rid of that COVID-caused clutter a bit easier!