Four simple DIY tips that can maximize closet space today


Ah, the eternal battle for space – ‘tis the ultimate problem for any homeowner. No matter how much stuff you clear out and get rid of, more will appear that requires you to work overtime to find space. When you find that closet space is at a premium, though, we have some useful tips that you should think about trying to put into action. These simple DIY closet hacks can be all that you need to ensure that your closets are not going to get filled up needlessly in the future.

Lower the rod

First off, a good way to maximize storage space in a cupboard is to add in a second closet rod lower down. This can be easily done, and it can be great for making a bit of extra storage space. This allows for you to have a second rod that hangs down from the first, ensuring that you have another layer of storage space that simply was not available beforehand.

This can be wonderful for ensuring that you can keep the rod nice and low for easier management in the future, and for easier, simple clothes hanging.

Use space-saving organizers

For things like shoes and ties, you can usually find that something like a slide-out organizer can be just what you are looking for. These work great as they can easily slide into one space in the corner and then fold out as and when you need that extra bit of space.

Most use this for things like shoes, scarves, and jewelry that they might wish to keep together but not always have access to. Also useful for seasonal items that you might not turn to for a large portion of the year, keeping them present without having a permanent space.

Make the most of hampers

A good way to make sure you can utilize your space without issue is to get things off the floor. Hampers should be stored on higher levels. Even something like an old-school kitchen trash can that slides in and out can be decorated and repurpose. This means you can use that hamper for throwing clothes in for things that you wear around the house: jogging suits, cardigans, and the like. the kind of things that you might not normally look to use on a regular basis, basically!

Get rid of shelves, buy drawers

One of the best decisions that you could make, though, is to remove your shelving and instead buy drawers. Drawers are easier to close over, provide more privacy, and are less challenging to keep tidy. Drawers can also be shut over so that they take up less immediate space, allowing for you to really help to store things away in a more private manner.

It helps to remove the visual clutter but it also plays a big role in making sure that your drawers can maximize space and organization, keeping everything as fresh as it should be in terms of variety.