Hanging Artwork On Walls: A Creative Guide


Are you an art lover, and do you love having a collection at home? If you do, you might find it challenging to ask a professional each time to hang the artwork. Well, the good news is that there are many creative ways to hang artwork in your home without damaging walls.

Here are the top ways you can hang artwork in no time.

1. Use A Display Easel

Not many people think about using a display easel, but it can elevate your space and make it look unique in no time. Anyone that walks into your home will be surprised because few people display artwork like this in the house. It is one of the best conversation starters that can elevate your home style.

Keep in mind that a display easel will not work well for more miniature paintings. Instead, if you have large artworks, only then should you use a display easel for this purpose. The painting will look fantastic on the easel, and you can easily place it in any area of your home.

2. Suspend The Artwork From The Ceiling

While this may seem like a lot of work, suspending artwork from the ceiling is super-easy. If you want to add some dramatic flair to your home, this is the best way to hang your artwork. On the other hand, if you have tiled or wainscot walls, even then this is a perfect choice.

You can drive hooks in the ceiling and use chains, rope, or leather to hand the painting. You have to drive hooks in the same way you would add them to a wall. Once you achieve this, add the suspension material and hang your artwork to wow anyone that enters your home.

3. Display The Art On A Ladder Shelf

If you have many small paintings, you can use this creative idea to place your artwork. Take an old ladder, transform it into a shelf with some fresh paint, and lean it against a wall. After that, you can prop the paintings on the shelf.

You can also display a large painting on the top of the ladder shelf. The best part is that you can add ore elements and decorative pieces to enhance your ladder shelf. You can use plants, pictures, and other items to display them with the paintings.

4. Lean The Art Against A Wall

Leaning the paintings against the walls is another fantastic idea for big paintings. If you have a large painting, lean them against the floor in any room. It allows the painting to be the main focus as soon as anyone enters the room.

It is one of the best things to do if you already have many paintings and don’t want to cramp up wall space. In such a case, it is best to let the painting lean against the wall.

Final Words

These are the top four creative ideas you can use to hang artwork. Once you are done, your home will look beautiful in no time. So, try them out now.