How Can You Add New Life To Your Old Countertops?


When taking on any kind of DIY project, one of the first places you might want to get to work on are your old countertops. Whether they look old or they are all chipped and dated, you might find that old countertops can be changed-up with some smart decision making. Typically, old countertops in places like the kitchen can feel pretty worn fast, so you can find that these simple but effective tips can go some way to making sure your countertops can avoid going to the dump just yet.

Get Started With A Paint Job

The first thing to do with any old countertops is to give them a proper paint job. Often, slapping on some paint can have the surprising benefit of injecting life and energy back into the design of the paint job itself.

If you want to slap on that extra paint then you can do so with consummate ease. Now, you can paint over most laminate surfaces – typically, though, you should use bespoke countertop paint. Many companies stock this bespoke style of paint, and it can be just what you need to help add another layer of freshness to those countertops that isn’t going to strip and chip off anytime soon.

Add In Some Tiles

Another nice touch to help make your countertops look fresh again is to get some corresponding tiles. These are often quite easy to fit if you follow the instructions, and some tile countertops can add a whole new look. If nothing else, it adds another layer on top of the old countertops that keeps the old layers from worsening, adding a new glare and shine to the room that can look pretty great.

Tiling countertops isn’t easy, but it should be something you can quickly grasp by watching some video.

Fill In The Edges

If your kitchen counters are lacking smooth edges and have little gaps or holes, then you can use a concrete skim coating to fill those edges in. Something like a concrete product meant for skim-coating can be useful for helping to fill in those gaps and the holes.

It’s a good choice as it can offer a short-term durability boost that stops the chipping, cracking, and snapping from getting needlessly worse. So, if you want to fill in those edges, start with a concrete filler skim-coat.

Add In New Sections

If your countertops are especially basic, or you have covered them with the above, you could always add in some new sections. For example, you could create some extra hanging countertop space simply by getting some concrete and butcher block wood. These are cheap, easy ways to help add in some extra countertop space and to make the most of curves, edges, and areas that you might not have previously thought about working with.

If you want to change things up and really make your home feel and look better, then you should look to DIY your countertops – it’s an easy way to help add aesthetic change in a positive sense starting today.