How To Build A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven in 5 Steps


A person who has once tasted a pizza, cooked on a fire in a real oven, will want to get himself such a wood-burning oven for making pizza in his plot. The mere sight of a ruddy fragrant pizza, which has just been removed from the hot hearth, arouses an appetite and a desire to enjoy this wonderful pastry.

It does not take much time to cook pizza or other culinary masterpieces in a home-made oven, because the temperature inside such a device reaches 752°F. At these temperatures, it does not take over two minutes to prepare a favorite pizza for everyone. In a wood stove, as the name suggests, wood is the primary fuel and due to this, pizza cooked in this way has a special exceptional taste.

To build a pizza oven, we need to prepare:

  • Shovel
  • Construction level
  • Clay mortar, better fireproof, it is sold dry and ready to work and will only be diluted before use
  • For waterproofing at a high level of groundwater, you will need foam for the foundation
  • For the base cushion — gravel
  • To protect the walls of the base — geotextile
  •  For pouring the base — concrete, wire, reinforcement rods
  •  For the arch of the furnace — a plywood template A special brick, oven red, fire clay — for the furnace
  • For the stand — blocks of expanded clay concrete
  • The tabletop can be made of natural stone, fireproof, or it can be cast on your own

The order of construction of the furnace structure

  1. Determine A Comfortable Place

First, you need to decide on the place where we will put the oven. It is convenient if it is near the house, but that the smoke does not bother anyone.

  • Digg The Foundation

Then you need to dig out the foundation. This can be done in several ways. The first way is to dig a not-deep hole into which to lower a slab of reinforced concrete, but not completely, but so that it rises a third above ground level. The second way is to do the foundation pouring yourself, which is more economical.

  • Layout The Walls Of The Oven

It will be better to strengthen the side walls with geotextiles. Gravel, 10 cm high, is poured onto the bottom and compacted. The formwork is installed from the edged beam, rising above the ground level by half the required foundation depth. Using metal rods, we reinforce the slab, strengthening these rods like a mesh. After the necessary manipulations have been carried out, we need a solution. Then we fill in and ram the concrete.

  • Make A Countertop For The Oven

Then, we are waiting for the foundation to dry. It will take about three weeks. First, the foundation must be covered with polyethylene and moistened. After the foundation is ready, we layout a stand with dimensions of 1.2×1.2×0.8 metres from the blocks. There is no need to layout the front wall because firewood, coal, dishes will be stored there. Then place the countertop on the top of the stand.

  • Build A Furnace Roof

We laid out the entire stove from fireclay bricks. Its height will be 4 bricks. We left the front wall free for the firebox. The masonry must be arranged, the location of the elements and the number of bricks we need must be indicated. For the construction of the vault, we use a plywood template.