How to Create a Grappling Dummy


A grappling dummy is used to practice different wrestling methodologies from sports and martial arts. These are generally made to be heavy enough to feel slightly realistic, and the majority of them have movable joints or, at the very least bendable limbs.

The BJJ community is looking to get back on the mats to flip and practice a few drills, but practicing BJJ at home can be challenging unless you have a grappling dummy or garage mats. You could do many aspects at home to practice BJJ, but all those without family members would need the form to practice on, so why not make yourself?

How to Do It?

Stop right now if you were thinking of buying a dummy to practice BJJ. You can do it yourself at home! Rener Gracie posted a video on Instagram explaining every step of making your gi dummy at home. To make a gi dummy, you will require – gi top, a pillow, 2 towels, a teddy bear / if not a teddy bear, a zip-up hoodie, another pillow, and a seat belt. All together. The arms are important, so make sure they are nice and tight.

Start by opening the gi and putting the hood (open) on top. Roll towels put them in the hoodie’s arms. Then put a pillow and a bear in the middle of the hoodie, close the hood up and decorate your bear/towel/pillow inside the glove and fasten the belt, and… voila!

The Advantages of Using a Grappling Dummy

Having a dummy has many advantages, including the ability to practice armbar and triangle techniques, transitions, and many other moves from the comfort of your own home. The cost of practice dummies varies, but why buy one when you can make one that is just as good at home? They can be exorbitantly priced for what they are. Although you lack legs, this dummy is an excellent way to learn more about upper limbs transitions and submissions.

Michael D’aguiar, a brown belt grappler, recently started Rener’s homemade grappling dummy and said, With so many companies and athletes releasing free merchandise, it’s a wonderful time to have a pal to rep some of the items available online.

Famous athletes such as Renzo Gracie, John Danaher, Bernardo Faria, and Tom Deblass have published free instructional videos with at-home practice.

In the opinion of Mixed Martial Arts Zone, a dummy can help you practice armbars, sweeps, triangle chokes, arm triangles, leg locks, Omo Plata, and many other moves. Learning these regularly will help you master these techniques and execute them competently.”

Impediments of a Grappling Dummy

Notwithstanding, Stephan Kesting has done a video on whether hooking fakers can help your BJJ when you can’t come to class. He differs that hooking fakers are gainful when you can’t prepare.

He asserts his capacity to focus drops off after involving his faker for seven days, but when it’s a hand-crafted (FREE) sham, and you must remain at home – what do you need to lose? Get your towels and pads out and get rehearsing some omoplatas or armbars. You’ve presumably improved to do!