How to Make a Teddy Bear Backpack


Who doesn’t love teddy bears? Teddy bears are great gifts, and you may be able to find a lot of different types of teddy bears in the market. They are available in different colors and sizes, and they all have their own unique features. However, if you want to show how much you love the other person, then the best teddy bear-related products would be the ones that you make yourself. So in this blog, we are going to take a look at how you can make your own teddy bear backpack at home.

Step 1: Collect the Supplies

You need to have a number of different things ready for you in order to make the backpack. You will need a sewing machine, scissors, and thread. You also need fabric in two colors, one for the front side and another for the backside. You also need a hook and loop closure, black webbing for straps, cotton fabric, and one cute teddy bear.

Step 2: Create the Actual Bag

Cut the teddy bear on the back and take out all the foam inside. Then sew a piece of cotton fabric on the back of the teddy bear. This will be the backside of the teddy bear bag. Then cut a piece of your fabric for making the backside and sew it on to add color to your bag.

Step 3: Make Straps and Closure

Cut out two pieces from black webbing, each one measuring 12 inches long. Use these as straps for your backpack and sew them on the top of the bag. Then cut a piece of fabric. Fold it in half and sew along the length, making a pouch. This will act as your closure for the backpack. You can use hot glue to make sure that the straps are firmly fixed.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Now it is time to put everything together. Take the front and back pieces of fabric and place them face down on your work surface. Pin the straps in place, making sure that they are evenly spaced. Then sew all around the edges. Once you attach the straps to the back, you are almost done. Just check your bag and see if everything is fixed. You can also attach a zipper at the back. Now your back is ready to be used. So put your stuff in it, and you can take it wherever you go.

A DIY Teddy Bear Backpack Is the Perfect Gift

So if you are confused about what to gift your friend who likes teddy bears? Well, then look no further. This DIY teddy bear may be the perfect present for your friend. It is adorable and easy to make. If you love someone, then giving them a teddy bear is the best way to show your love. So start making and giving these as gifts to your loved ones. It would definitely be appreciated by them.