How to Make DIY Glitter-Dipped Balloons


These DIY Glitter-Dipped Balloons are a fun and easy craft to do with your friends or family. They can be used for any occasion, but they would make great decorations for a party! This post will show you how to put together these balloons so that they sparkle in the light.

It Is a Fun DIY Project You Can Do With Your Kids

This is a fun DIY project that you can do with your kids. It would be fun for them as well and you will be able to enjoy quality time with your kids. Now let’s take a look at what steps should you take for this DIY project. Follow the steps below to get started on this project today.

Gather Your Materials

The first and the most important step is to know which supplies you want. Then start gathering all the required material. You’ll need balloons, glue, glitter powder (or confetti), scissors, and water. You can find these simple supplies from your local gift shop.

Inflate The Balloons

You’ll want to blow up your balloons to the size you want them. For these DIY Glitter-Dipped Balloons, we recommend using round balloons in different colors. These days you don’t need to sit and inflate a hundred balloons with your mouth, there are special devices that can help you inflate your balloons.

Apply A Thin Coat Of Glue

Next, you’ll want to apply a thin layer of glue. You can do this by using the paintbrush and dipping it in your cup with water first. This will prevent globs from being on your balloons when they dry. Then spread evenly across the balloon surface. The amount of layers depends on how much glitter you want coating the balloons.

Don’t add too much glue as that can be heavy for the balloon and it may burst or come down to the ground.

Add Glitter Or Confetti

Before you let them dry, add another layer of glue on top of your previous one to seal in all the sparkles. Let it sit for 30 minutes before finishing up this DIY Glitter-Dipped Balloons project! Now, these bright and shiny decorations can be used for any special occasion. You can just place the glitter in a bowl and slightly dip the balloon in the bowl of glitter. This will add a little more glitter to your balloon.

You can also use confetti as an alternative to glitter for this project! Have fun with it and get creative with the colors you choose. These balloons are sure to light up any party or event!

They Create a Fun Atmosphere

These DIY Glitter-Dipped Balloons create a fun atmosphere at parties or events. They can be used for any occasion, such as birthdays and baby showers! You’ll definitely want to bring these decorations along with you wherever you go.

Now that your balloons are all set up, they’re ready to shine bright through the night. Be sure to take lots of pictures and videos of your friends and family enjoying these balloons. They’re definitely a sight to see!