How To Take Care Of African Violets


The African Violet is an amazing flower that blooms all year, and it is loved by many people all around. These plants thrive in home conditions, and they bloom many times throughout the year. But, of course, the key is to take care of these plants.

Remember that the African Violet is a low-maintenance plant, but you still need to follow some guidelines. Here is everything you must know about taking care of African Violets.

1. Soil Requirements

The soil is one of the most important things for any plant or flower to grow. You must repot the African Violet whenever the plant is pot-bound, which is every six months. We recommend that you select a porous and loose soil mix that offers good drainage.

Regular potting soil will work well too, but it is ideal to opt for soil that is specially created for the African Violet. It will help the flowers grow in the best way possible, and they will bloom all year beautifully. Choose a small pot in the beginning and keep repotting from time to time.

2. Lighting Conditions

African Violet flowers will grow their best when the lighting conditions are indirect and bright. For example, the plant must have sufficient natural light that your hand can easily cast a shadow on the plant during the daytime. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid giving this plant direct sunlight.

If you have kept your African Violets near west or south-facing windows, then you can diffuse the rays through a curtain. Doing this will give the flowers indirect light, and they will bloom incredibly beautifully.

3. Water Requirements

All plants and even humans have pain points, where we are the most sensitive and vulnerable. When it comes to the African Violet, their vulnerable and sensitive point is the lack of water. If the plant doesn’t receive enough water, it will lead to collapse, shriveled roots, and vigor loss.

On the other hand, if you overwater the African Violet, it will lead to stem rot, crown rot, flower loss, death, and limpness. Of course, it is not that challenging to water this plant appropriately. We recommend that you water the African Violet weekly to keep it looking beautiful and healthy.

If you don’t know whether your plant requires water, you can touch the soil surface. If it is dry, then it is time for you to water the plant. You can also use day-old water and fill the can with water a day before so that it can be perfect for the African Violets.

Final Words

These are all the care requirement guidelines you must follow for your African Violets. Once you do, your plant will thrive, and the flowers will look amazing for a long time to come.

The caring requirements are not too challenging, which is why you can easily follow them without much hassle. So, be sure to follow all the rules and see your African Violet plant thrive within no time.