How To Use A Chainsaw


A chain saw is the most suitable equipment you can use for tree cutting and trimming long tree branches cutting a tree manually is very difficult and wastes more time, unlike the chainsaw which makes it possible for tree branches and trees to be removed within few seconds. Using a chain saw is hassle-free, so far as you know your way around the machine including the safety tips and precautions. If you’ve never used a chain saw before there’s no need to worry because once you learn about the safety tips and about controlling the machine. Then you are going to go

Uses of chainsaw

  • Cutting down trees around the area of the chainsaw
  • Chopping fallen trees into more modest segments for usage as firewood or just to dispose of them.
  • Trimming tree branches
  • It is also used for cutting trimmed branches to smaller segments either for manure or for disposal
  • It is used for cutting trees down to its trunk so as to create fewer branches

Avoid using the chainsaw on plastics, masonry as well as metals. The type of cut necessary for this kind of work is dimensional lumber like hand saws, circular saws, miter saws as well as reciprocating saws. Also, avoid using a chainsaw as a log splitter, rather check for equipment that is used in splitting of logs

Places to use the chainsaw

Always make sure you use your chainsaw outside the house. This is because chainsaws that make use of Gasoline as their power supply could cause carbon monoxide emissions which could lead to suffocation or death when used indoors. However, electric chainsaws do not contain carbon monoxide and hence they don’t pollute the environment with carbon monoxide emissions


  • When you get a chainsaw newly, carefully go through the user’s manual and ensure you read everything thoroughly. There are various types of chainsaws for different purposes, that is why it is advisable to go through the manual of your preferred chainsaw. The manual contains everything you need to know about the machine and how to use it. However, there are other precautions you might want to know
  • Tighten the chain accurately on the guide bar prior to switching on the chainsaw. If the chain is not properly secured, it may loose during the operation and start pulling objects into it.
  • Avoid chainsaw kickback. This occurs when the top half of the chainsaw guide bar presses lightly on an object while the chain is in motion. It can also happen as a result of wood coming closer to another object and touching the chain while it’s in motion. However, thin guide bars encounter fewer kickbacks.
  • Avoid using chainsaws on trees with more diameter than the chainsaw’s guide bar. Do not allow the top end of the chainsaw to touch any surface while using it
  • A pinched chain mostly occurs when two alternate ends of an object meet together during bucking hence stopping the chain from running. To prevent this, ensure that the ends of the material are not designed to close closer but rather creates a V-like shape in the cutting area.