Keep it warm


You want to come in under budget this winter and be able to relax in your own home. But winter has arrived, and the cold is starting to clench around us. And with temperatures dropping, so is your wallet.

Here are some simple, cost-effective ways to heat your home this winter.

Use a terracotta heater

Terracotta heaters are small and cheap to buy yet produce more heat than a fire. They’re simple to clean and maintain, and more importantly, they can be moved if you need to. You can vary the height of their flames as well as the type of heat they create.

They’re also very appealing to the eye and give off a lovely glow.

Use solar energy

If you’re lucky enough to have any form of south-facing roof space available, then invest in solar energy panels. They’re cheaper to buy than ever before and produce energy for free. You can also get money back from your energy company.

You’ll see a decrease in your bills and an increase in the profit you make from your home.

Use a corn heater

If you’ve got a fireplace or an open fire, then it’s worth getting a corn heater. These heaters burn corn and consequently produce more heat than anything else you’re likely to buy. A single kernel of corn produces more energy than wood, coal, or turf.

The value of the heat is also more efficient than any other fuel. And best of all, they’re cheap to buy and operate.

Use more oil?

If you’ve got an oil-fired boiler, then more oil is the answer. A single quiver of oil will burn for up to one hour. They’re easy to keep clean and are effective at cutting down on energy costs.

Turn your furnace on manually to avoid running it while you’re away

Sometimes the best way to save money is to put off turning on your furnace. If you’re away for a couple of hours, don’t worry about heating the whole house. Simply manually turn it on when you get back.

Make sure to bleed your radiator

Bleeding your radiator is a process of removing all the air from your system, which is essential to maximize the performance of your heating unit.

It’s also essential to ensure that all the hoses are secure, as leaks are one way to cut down on your heating bills. You can do this yourself.

Block your chimney when it’s not in use

If you’ve got a chimney, then it’s worth blocking it when you’re not using it. This will prevent all the heat from escaping out of your home and into the atmosphere. A good blockage of your chimney will save you up to 10%.

Check all windows and doors for drafts

It’s essential to check all your windows and doors for drafts. These can be small, but they’re enough to let in the cold. And if the cold gets through, it’s going to cause your heating bill to go up.

It’s all about saving as much money as you can

Generally, the more effective your heating system is, and the more efficient it is, the less money you’ll pay in energy and heating bills. So when you’re planning to heat your home this winter, don’t forget that there are simple ways to save money.

The best way to budget for this winter is to ensure that you’re using the most cost-effective heating methods. After that, you can determine what steps you need to take to ensure that as little of your precious heat as possible escapes from your home.