Meaning, Origin, And Uses Of Chalk Paint


You must have seen various tutorials about chalk paint while browsing through the do-it-yourself section of Pinterest and how to use this mixture to make fine and attractive designs on furniture.

Despite the fact that this unique paint is very popular, so many people do not know anything about it or its uses and hence this article is aimed at giving you all the detailed information about the popular chalk-style paint.

Meaning of chalk paint

The chalk paint style has gotten unimaginably famous mainly due to Pinterest, however most people still can’t tell the difference between the trending chalk-style paint and the customary paint. When you look at the chalk-style paint, you would first notice its delicate, super matte finish.

Are you wondering what it means for a surface to have a Matte finish? then here’s the answer; Matte finish lacks sheen but rather looks a little chalky unlike the high or semi gloss. Chalk paint style was given the name `chalk’ due to the fact that the surface looks like it’s shrouded in chalk.

The chalk style paint is made of latex and thus there’s no need of cleaning with mineral spirits, you can just use water and moreover it’s usually more thicker and less difficult to use unlike the standard paint. However do not confuse chalk paint with chalkboard paint, both are different products with unique chemicals and similar name.

Unlike chalk paint, chalkboard paint allows chalk to be used on a surface which it is applied on and erased when necessary. Chalk paint is somehow similar to standard wall paint but not with the finished style, chalk paint has a different finish style. Try not to draw on your chalk paint because it might affect the surface.

Origin of chalk paint

The chalk paint was produced in 1990 by a self-owned company Annie Sloan. Annie Sloan desired a paint that takes less time and effort to prepare as well as hassle-free paint. After searching for some time to no avail, she decided to make one herself.

The paint was developed in such a way that it suits any surface perfectly with less preparation and effort. Furthermore, there is no black pigment present in the paint and hence the colors can be combined while still retaining its original color.

Chalk paint became famous overnight after becoming the top paint for making shabby furniture. Currently, many companies apart from Annie Sloan market similar paints but with different names such as chalk-like or chalky finish.

How to use chalk paint

Most people use chalk paint on furniture because it gives the surface a delicately matured appearance. It is a good choice while dealing with complex furniture styles since it saves you the stress of priming the surface you are working on. It’s a simple and easy product with is very suitable for beginners and individuals interested in the do-it-yourself world.

Chalk paint is not only used on furniture, it is also used on other surfaces such as walls, metal as well as floors due to its versatile nature and it suits any surface perfectly and sticks properly. Most people prefer to use the chalk-style paint on their kitchen cupboards particularly in shabby chic or country style stylistic layout.

Another chalk paint style is to make a two-color style. This means that you can use a different color for the base and then add another color to cover the base color. Then after the paint dries up, you can simply and carefully use sand at the upper layer of the paint so the first color can become visible. It is also very important to know that chalk paint is very durable if you properly and carefully seal it up.