Pool Noodle Hacks: 50 Creative Ways to Use a Pool Noodle


How many pool noodles do you have in your house? If the answer is “a lot” then we have some really cool hacks for you to try. Pool noodles are not just for lounging around on at the pool anymore. They can be used in all sorts of creative ways, and here are 50 that you may find fun and useful. Some of these hacks will make you laugh, some may inspire you to start a new hobby, and others might help out with day-to-day tasks. Whatever they are used for, one thing is clear: there’s no limit when it comes to how creative people can get with a simple piece of foam.

Use Pool Noodles as Shoe Shapers

Maintaining your shoes can be a tricky task especially if you have knee height shoes. When you are not wearing them they usually do not stand tall which can result in the leather on the shoes to get damaged. It can also damage the shoe even if it was made with another material. One great way of keeping the knee height shoes up right is by playing poodle noodles in the shoes when you are not wearing them. By doing so, the shoes will stay in upright position and it wouldn’t damage the shoe material.

This Is Really Helpful For People with Dogs

Pool noodles can be used as an alternative to dog cones however they can be made to look much more stylish and more functional than dog cones. You can also use a pool noodle as a dog collar. It’s water-resistant, durable and can be molded to just the right size to fit around your pup. Plus it is super cheap so you don’t have to worry about having another item in your house that will eventually need replacing. They are soft and comfortable and will make your dog fall in love with you.

Cover the Trampoline Springs

Jumping on the trampoline is a fun activity however if your landing isn’t good and precise then you can hurt yourself. Many people get hurt when they fall back on the springs of the trampoline. Not only is this dangerous for the person who fell but also for other people on the trampoline. So it is best to cover these springs and what better way to cover them but with pool noodles.

Liftgate Protector

Have you ever drove your car in the garage and hit the liftgate? Or have you ever bump your head against it when you were taking things out of your car. Well many people have experienced this and the best way to protect yourself and your car from such problems is to affix a nicely cut pool noodle on the bottom of the liftgate. So even if you bump your head against it, it wouldn’t hurt that much and it will also save your car from getting damaged.

Perfect Fixture for Holding Brooms and Other Accessories

Pool Noodles can be hung on wall horizontally and cut in places to make a holder. You can hold different items like brooms, fishing rods and other accessories. Make sure these accessories are light weight as the pool noodles wouldn’t be able to take the weight of heavier objects. Also know the length of the accessory before putting them on the fixture. Try not to hang accessories on your pool noodle fixtures as you can just use them to hold these accessories in place while the bottom of the accessory touches the floor.

Make Up Brush Fixture

Like pool noodle fixtures for brooms and other accessories, you can also use pool noodles to make a horizontal fixture for your make up brushes. If you are someone who like to do makeup everyday then you know finding the right makeup brush from your makeup bag can be a bit of struggle. So take a pool noodle and use glue or tape to fix it near the mirror. Make small cuts in the pool noodle and use it as a fixture for make-up brushes.

Door Stopper Pool Noodles

You can find different types of door stoppers out there. Some are very expensive and some are budget friendly, some need to be fixed on your door or the side wall but none of them are as convenient and cost effective as the pool noodle door stoppers. Just cut the pool noodle from one side and place it on the door panel. This will stop the door from closing every time you use it.

Pool Noodle Car Door Protector

You have had a long but smooth journey; you reach home and drive your car in your garage but as you exit the car your car door hit the side wall and damages your car. It may not seem like a problem but many people actually face this problem especially if they have small garages. It can be a really stressful experience so the best way to protect your car from such problems is to pad the walls in your garage with pool noodles so even if your car door hit the pool noodles on the side, it doesn’t scratch or damage your vehicle.

Comfortably Put Things on Your Car without Scratching the Top

People often want to protect their cars, but it’s never enough – there will always be dents that cannot be avoided. The most vulnerable area for dents would probably be its roof. The top of the car usually takes all the brunt from luggage and other heavy objects being lashed on top of it by passing travelers such as yourself or others in your group who have been less careful about packing light for this trip. One way you can avoid denting up the roof when loading these things onto your trunk space: use pool noodles to cushion them instead.

Save Your Car from Hailing Damage

Place pool noodle on top of the hood and over windshield to protect them during storms or hailstorms. This is especially helpful if you don’t have enough time to cover everything in ice before it falls, as there’s not much time between when they happen and when they’ll hit. Use this hack anytime there is an indication that a storm is coming.

Use Pool Noodles as a Pipe or Funnel

If you are looking to fill a bucket with water then your kitchen or bathroom sink may not be the best way to do it. It can get very difficult to place the bucket in your sink. However if you are looking to conveniently fill a bucket with water using your kitchen or bathroom tap then you can use pool noodles as a funnel or pipe. Attach one end of the pool noodle to the tap and place the other end in the bucket. So even if you place a bucket far away from the sink you can use a long pool noodle to fill up the bucket.

DIY Pool Noodle Bowling Alley

You can use pool noodles to make your very own DIY bowling lane in your backyard. You’ll need: pool noodles, cardboard or a box, duct tape. First create the lanes by stacking up your pool noodles and taping them together with duct tape. Roll out pieces of tulle to get that pin-spotted look in between each lane–and then set it all up. This is great for those who love bowling but don’t have the space (or money) for an actual alley. Not only is this budget friendly but it is also safe for children.

Play Spikeball in the Pool

You can use pool noodles to make a Spikeball set. You can play Spikeball in the pool and enjoy a great family time. Spikeball is the perfect family game for summertime when all you want to do is enjoy in the cold water. It is easy and fun and everyone can participate. You can make a base with pool noodles and then affix the foot holes of the Spikeball game set on the pool noodles and voila! Your swimming pool Spikeball set is complete.

Get Creative with Candles

If you ever want to decorate your pool during an event then you can do so with candles and pool noodle. Wrap the pool noodles around the candle and place it on a base of pool noodles. You can then place these DIY decorations on the pool. These decorations will float on the pool and the burning candles will make it a sight to remember. They are a very safe decoration as the pool water will not let the fire to cause any big problem.

Pool Noodle Gardening Ideas

If you’re looking for an unusual way to grow plants without using pots, try creating a “pot” out of pool noodles. All you need are bamboo skewers (or something similar) and some dirt–then plant whatever type of seedling inside that container and let the roots do their thing; they’ll be held firmly in place thanks to all those little nooks and crannies. They are creative and look really beautiful. They are a perfect landscaping idea as they enhance the look of your house and lawn. In addition to that you can also cut round pieces of pool noodles and affix them on top of the pot around the plant. This is a perfect idea to make your indoor plants look more presentable.

Comfortable and Creative Seats

Do you have old chairs at your house that need some cushion work done well, you can use pool noodles to modify these chairs. Cut a pool noodle to two equal sized pieces and wrap them around the arms of the chair. They will make a perfect hand rest. You can also join different pool noodles together to make a perfect seating and back cushion for the chair as well. Just make sure to use the same color for all cushions to make the chair look presentable.

Pool Noodle Water Sprinkle

This is a very easy DIY hack. Just take pool noodle and poke several holes in it. You can then place a water pipe on one side and wrap it with a duct tape. Once done, just place your new pool noodle sprinkler in the lawn and turn on the tap. It can be a great fun summer afternoon for you and your kids. You don’t have to invest in expensive sprinklers when you can make such an amazing DIY sprinkler at home.

Candy Stand

If you are having a party at your house and you are going to have a candy table at the party then it is important for you to make that candy table look sweet and presentable. One brilliant way of doing that is by using pool noodles. Just whirl and twist the pool noodles in unique shapes and place lollipop on them. You can make a ring shaped pool noodle and place lollipops on the side and fill the ring with candies.

Make Lightsabers

Star Wars are defined an entire generation of movie lovers. With new movies and spin offs still coming out, it is no surprise that kids love to have toys and accessories related to Star Wars. As pool noodles are available in different colors, you can use them to make lightsabers. Just cut long pieces of two different colored pool noodles and attach a DIY holder or grip on them and you are good to go. It is safe and cheap and your kids will love it. It is way better than using other light sabers out there that are expensive and relatively heavier.

Make a Fortress or Club House for Your Kids Using Pool Noodles

Who doesn’t like to make indoor fortress with pillows and bed sheets. Most of us have done this in our childhood. If you are looking to make an indoor fortress or club house for your kids then you can also use pool noodles in your structure. Pool noodles can act as pillars and provide support for your fortress. It is easy to make and will help you bond with your kids. Your kids will love it and it may take you some time to get them out of their new pool noodle fortress.

Creatively Cushion Your Lawn Mower Handle

It can sometimes get very uncomfortable to use a lawn mower especially if it was placed in your lawn under the scorching son. The metal handle can emit heat that can burn your hands. So in order to make the lawn mower more comfortable to use and grip, you can use pool noodles to cover and cushion the handle. The improved grip will be great in increasing the functionality of the lawn mower.

Bed Barrier for Kids

If your kid sleeps with you on the bed or if they are just playing on the bed then it is ideal to have protective barriers around the bed so the kid does not fall off and hurt herself/himself. An amazing way to add protective barrier to your beds is by using pool noodles. You can use a duct tape or other methods to fix the pool noodles on both sides of the bed so your child can have a safe place to play and sleep.

Cover the Metal Bars of Your Awnings

People who have awnings at their house or outside their RV have been hit at least once by the metal bar holding the awning in place. This is very common for RV owners because the metal bars on the awnings aren’t that high so you can bump your head on them if you are careless. Pool noodles are a perfect way to cover these metal bars. They will make your awnings safe for you and also look more presentable at the same time.

Pool Noodle: A Great Tool for Teaching Your Kids about Fractions

Do you have a child that needs some help understanding fractions? Give them an empty bottle and tell them to cut pool noodles in half–one shorter than the other, for example, four inches versus six inches. Fill up your container with water, then pour the pool noodles in and measure how much is left over. This will visually show them what fractions are all about. This is just one way how you can use pool noodles to help your kids with Mathematics. You can use them in other creative ways as well that will help your kid’s education.

Up Your Fishing Game with Pool Noodles

Cut the pool noodle in small pieces and then cover it with peanut butter and bird seed. Attach it to your fishing road and start fishing. It will help you master the art of fishing and you will be able to catch a lot of fish through this fishing hack. People who have been having trouble catching fish for some time should try this method and it will surely yield them some positive results. If you go out fishing with your friends or family then you can impress them by catching loads of fish.

Pool Noodle Tray for Paint Brush

Cut a piece of pool noodle and place it on the desk where you have your paint and brushes. Now put cuts on the pool noodle according to the size of the paint brushes. You can then place the paint brushes in these cuts. It is ideal to make two of these so you can differentiate wet and dry paint brushes. You can also place a bowl near the wet one and place the brushes in their position on the pool noodle. The water and paint will automatically drop in the bowl, keeping your desk safe from any paint spillage.

Setting Boundaries on Your House

You should always be friendly with your neighbors but you shouldn’t compromise on your space and the privacy of your house. During snow days it can be difficult for you and your neighbor to differentiate the boundaries of your houses. So you both might end up swiping snow from the other person’s front yard or driveway or your neighbor may even park his/her car in a way that half of it is on your driveway. Well how can you prevent this issue? Just clean some of the snow and see where the boundaries of your house actually start and then place a straightened pool noodle in the snow as a pole. That will mark the boundary of your house so both of you can stay in your own driveways when you are parking.

Make Things Float in the Pool

Pool noodles and duct tapes can be used to make different light weight crafts like boxes and containers. You can make anything float on water with the help of pool noodles. Imagine you are having a pool party; what would be a creative way to let everyone enjoy drinks while they are in the pool. Well, make a container with pool noodles and fill it up with drinks. The container will float in water, so when you and your friends are enjoying in the swimming pool everyone can just take out drinks from that container. You can also fix small pieces of pool noodles on different containers and make them float.

Protection for Your Car

Forget steel bumpers. If you want to protect your car, do it with something as simple and soft as pool noodles. Use glue, ropes and duct tape to fix pool noodles on your vehicle. You can use pool noodles on all sides of your car. This will minimize damage in case there is an accident thus maintaining the integrity of the card and minimizing the amount of money you’ll have to spend on the repairs.

Pool Noodles Modified Hangers

Hangers can be modified using pool noodles to create an alternative to the hanger rod. The pool noodle are cut and then placed on the hangar. The soft pool noodle save your clothes from getting a permanent crease on them even if you keep them hanging for a long period of time. This is a brilliant hack to keep your favorite clothes in a great condition. Many people don’t know how to take care of the crease of their expensive clothes. Well, this is the most cost effective way of preventing your expensive clothes from getting permanent creases that not only damage your clothes but also their overall appearance.

Organize the Wiring with Pool Noodles

Unorganized wiring can be dangerous. Not only can they cause short circuit but they can also cause a big fire in your house. Such wiring are usually find around areas where different appliances are placed near each other. Pool noodles can help you organize these unorganized wires. Just cut it on one side and wrap it around the wires. It will make your house safer and your room will look more organized and presentable to visitors.

Use Pool Noodles to Bind Curtains

You don’t always have to buy fancy ties to bind your curtains. You can make DIY pool noodles ties at home. They are found in different colors so you are bound to find the color that matches your curtains. All you have to do is cut them into 8 to 12 inch long pieces then tie the ends together. To make your curtain ties even sturdier, add a piece of string in between each noodle and knot it tightly.

Comfortable Car Headrest Made With Pool Noodles

You don’t need to buy expensive headrests for your car. All you have to do is take a pool noodle and cut it in half then place them on the seat of your car. Place the back of one pool noodle against the front part of another, but make sure both sides are together with no gap in between. You can either tie them to the seat or use a duct tape to fix them on the seat or on the side of the interior of your car. You can also use them without tying or attaching them to anything. You can just place it on the side and rest your head on it.

Play Cards In the Pool

Inventive gamers have found an ingenious way to keep their games afloat while still enjoying themselves at home around pools: sorting cards using pool noodles. Just imagine playing a game of cards in the middle of your pool. It might seem out-of-place, but with this new hack it’s possible. You can cut round pieces of pool noodle as shown in the picture as use them to hold the card. The pool noodle pieces will be perfect to hold your card and you never have to worry about losing your card in the pool again as the pool noodle pieces holding the cards will keep floating on the surface.

Make Your Drawers Mess Proof

You know that sound you hear when opening a drawer? It’s enough to drive anyone crazy! Luckily for all of the people out there who have this problem, Pool noodles may be just what they need. They’re flexible and moldable so they can easily fit in your drawer. It can not only keep all the things in the drawer in their place but it can also make your drawer opening experience sound proof. All one has to do is decide which size pool noodle best suits their needs. Once you are done cutting just place it in the drawer in the desired position. Finally now when someone opens up their pesky little drawer everything will stay together instead of falling into disarray

Grip and Insulation on Torch

Cutting a pool noodle in half and placing the torch/light between it will both protect your light from breaking. The pool noodle adds an additional layer of protection to prevent breakage and it also provides a good grip overall. It not only improves the functionality of the torch but it also looks unique. Holding a torch has never looked so cool before.

Jumping Jack Protector

Parents, do you have a mattress that’s in need of some love? We can help. When they’re not jumping on it to get your attention or just because “it looks like fun,” our little ones are always looking for new and exciting ways to destroy what was once the comfiest bed ever. The good news is there’s an easy way to protect against this while still meeting all their needs for fun: Pool Noodles! Simply cut them in half lengthwise and connect them together with duct tape or Velcro-equipped straps around the edges so they don’t slide off during use. And you’ve got yourself an easy toddler protection system without having to buy anything expensive.

Ladder Safety

It’s always a good idea to invest in one of those hefty ladders that can help you get up on the roof. But, if your gutters are as tall and slender, it might be difficult for an average person to reach them with any sort of safety. That is where this hack comes in. Take a pool noodle and cut it in two pieces. Now take the half-cut pool noodles onto each side slope where there is contact between the ladder and gutter. This will create extra cushioning so you don’t have to feel scared about falling down.

Pool Noodle Pitcher

If your kid loves baseball and you want him/her to make it to the big leagues one day then you have to train your kid from a young age. You can carry out the training in your backyard. Use a pool noodle to make a picture and put a soft ball on top of it. You kid can practice hitting the softball as a basic and beginner lesson to becoming one of the best baseball players out there.

Baby Crib Padding

If you want your baby’s crib to be extra safe for naptime or any other times when they are resting their head down, use pool noodles as padding. Babies are curious and they often want to poke things that can be harmful for them, especially ones near the crib- like a cord or power outlet. This is why they may try to get out of their crib. So it is very important for the baby’s safety that you pad the sides of the crib so that not only does the crib become more safe and comfortable for the baby but also so that the baby cannot leave his/her crib that easily.

Use It as Hand Rest on the Desk

Working from home has become a norm due to the pandemic. With all the work and communication now being done on the computer it is very common for people to feel sore wrists and arms. That can happen if you have to use keyboards all the time. The best and the most cost efficient solution to this problem is to use pool noodles as a hand rest. You can simply place it below your wrists every time you are using the keyboard. Pool noodles hand rest are comfortable and as you don’t feel tired or sore, you will definitely work more efficiently.

Make a Door Draft Stopper with Lots of Uses

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to stop drafts coming through doors then here is what you need: 50 inch long pieces of pool noodle cut into three lengths (12 inches each). Take two pieces and place them on either side of the door. Now take one more piece (this time cut into 24 inch length)fold it in half, then stick a clothespin onto each end to make loops before sticking these into the other two pieces already there.

Pool Noodle Raft: Aye Aye Captain

A family fun activity that is not only engaging, but also creative and bonding for parents and children alike. Just get a bunch of pool noodles then tie them together to create a raft! It’s always good when families can bond; so if you want an interactive experience with lots of imagination encouraged, try making this inventive raft today – Who knows what kind of wonderful things they will come up with? May be you and your kids can play pirates in the pool. Your kids would definitely love sailing on their pool noodle raft in the swimming pool.

Design an Amazing Wreath Using Pool Noodle

Arts and crafts are a great way to spend the day with family. All you need is some glue, fabric, ornaments (or other decorations of your choice) and pool noodles! Create whatever wreath design fits for that occasion by coiling it into different shapes around the noodle’s ends until they meet in one spot at its base. Add as many loops as desired anywhere on this shape before attaching any more pieces – like ribbon ties if making an arrangement fit for Christmas time, yarn braids leading up from both sides if adding embellishments later on to decorate a summer-themed wreath.

Phone Stand from Pool Noodles

It’s true that pool noodles don’t have the same “pop” as pop sockets, but they are a great alternative! You can cut the pool noodle and carve out space for your phone on one side. These pool noodle phone stands have a zing to them. So when you can make such an amazing DIY phone stand at home at such a low cost, you don’t need to buy any expensive stand for your phone.

Organize the Sewing Accessories

If you’re looking to organize your supplies that often get misplaced or lost in the shuffle; Get some pool noodles from your local store. Cut them and use them as pincushions. It can be really handy when storing open basting pins. When you are not sewing just put the pins back on the pool noodles. You can also use different colored pool noodles to segregate different types of pins and needles.

Make a Boogie Board

Pool noodles can be used for more than just floating in the pool. One creative and exciting use of them is to make a boogie board! All one needs is two or three pieces of pool noodle and some duct tape (depending on how big you would like your boards). Wrap up all those noodles tightly around themselves before taping it together. Make sure that both sides have plenty of reinforcements so no water seeps through at any point during transport or upon hitting waves- otherwise you’ll go swimming instead of boarding soon enough!

Use Pool Noodles as Pet Shower

It seems that the best way to shower a pet is by converting an old pool noodle into their own personal swimming head. It’s easy and it cleans up every inch of them in one go. To make your pup’s bathing experience even better, add some pressure-boosting water for more thorough cleaning. All you have to do is poke some holes in the pool noodle and block it from one end while inserting a water pipe in the other end and voila! Your showerhead is ready.

Build a Creative Storage Unit for Your Hair Accessories

Have you ever had trouble storing your headbands, hairpins, and other similar accessories? Have no fear. This quick pool noodle hack will help solve all of that. All it takes is a few seconds to make one for yourself with the following materials: pool noodles, fabric (of any kind), needle and thread. Sew a holder made with fabric or ribbon on both sides of the noodle and you will have an amazing holder for your hair accessories.

Provide Coverage for Outside Wiring with Pool Noodles

The wiring outside your home is susceptible to extreme temperatures. This is why it is important to insulate them. Whether the temperature is extremely hot or extremely cold, both can damage the wiring. So an easy, cost efficient and effective way of insulating these outside wiring is through pool noodles. Just make a cut on one side of the pool noodles and wrap it around the wiring. Once done, use duct tape around the wrap to solidify the insulation.