Recycled Paper Basket Weaving


Paper baskets can be exceptionally beneficial if it is built properly. Find out how to weave a sturdy, long-lasting basket out of paper. It is quite simple. You may also include the children in a brief lesson on basket weaving.

I have been compiling fun, eco-friendly, and therapeutic craft ideas, and I can not wait to share them with you all! I am going to start with this weaved basket of recycled paper. To make this basket, you may use any unused paper. This recycled paper basket project is an enjoyable weekend craft activity for the whole family.

This basket made from recycled paper would be a fantastic project to get your therapeutic crafting career off to a beautiful start! Recycling and weaving are involved, resulting in a woven basket that may be used for various purposes or decoration!

Things needed:

  • Any form of paper
  • Clothespin
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

How to Build a Paper Basket

Step 1: The Paper Strips’ Preparation

We must first have our paper strips ready. We must produce an even number of strips of the same length and breadth. Thus this is a crucial stage. Keep in mind that we require an exact number of paper strips (a minimum of 8) to weave this basket design, and those strips will still have an even number of strips after being divided into two groups. You must then split the strips into two groups of even numbers. We will be utilizing eight strips in total for this lesson, divided into two sets of 4 strips each. The strips I am using are leftover A4-sized paper—these measure 2.5 inches broad by 11 inches long. I next prepared the strips for weaving by making three equal folds lengthwise.

Step 2: The Papers: How to Begin

Pick two paper strips and use a pen or pencil to indicate the center of each one. On a level board, arrange the strips crosswise.

Step 3: Creating the First Strip

With the vertical strip already in place, stack three paper strips on top, keeping the horizontal strip’s over-and-under pattern.

Step 4: Creating the Base

To create the square bottom foundation, take the remaining three strips horizontally and weave them over and under each other. Make careful to maintain a good, neighboring weave.

Step 5: Marking the Lower Base

This has major significance. By connecting the middle points of each line in the bottom foundation square, create another square inside it using a pen or pencil. The actual bottom foundation of the basket will be made of a smaller square. To make wrinkles, fold along the thin straight lines.

Step 6: Beginning the Weaving

Let us switch the weaved object’s orientation. With any two center strips, the weaving will begin.

Step 7: Weaving Over and Under

Holding any two center strips, weave them together (You should weave the strip under its previous strip over). Pull them 90 degrees apart as you bring them over the next strip.

Step 8: One Corner Done!

Next, cross and under weave the remaining strips. Since there are four strips on each side, you may temporarily make the corner of the basket by weaving the four strips over and under.

Step 9: Secure the Woven Side

Put the woven portion in place with a clothespin. To create the last three corners of the basket, weave the other three sides over and under one at a time.

Step 10: Woven Up on All Four Sides

Continue to weave over and under once the corners have been made.

Step 13: Keep Weaving Over and Under

Continue weaving until the needed height of the basket is reached or until there are enough strips to complete the project.

Step 14: Weave in the Open Ends

When weaving, ensure at least 0.5 inches of the shortest strip remaining. The most temporary strip will determine the height of the basket. Locate the most temporary strip with care, then tuck it inside. Now gently fold the other strips inside one at a time, aligning the height with the most petite strip.

Step 15: Secure the Top End

To keep the weave in place, apply glue to the tucked-in open ends.

What fun that was! And they are adorable! They may be made in any size and can hold nearly anything.

Happy Crafting!