Sick of dishwashing taking forever? Use these four time-saving skills to your advantage


Whether you wash dishes for a living or you simply get used to doing them at home, one thing is for sure: washing the dishes is dull. It’s not something that can really be enjoyed, but you can make the process a bit easier to tolerate. How so? You can make it a bit quicker to get all of the dishes washed and ready to go simply by following these four easy-to-use dishwashing tips.

Implement these, and your life is about to become so much easier!

Tackle the dishes together

First off, rope someone else into helping you. As opposed to you doing the dishes one night and them the next, do them as a duo. One person can dry while you wash; it makes the dishes a bit quicker as you can talk away together and make sure the dishes are being dried off properly.

This is also useful because it allows you to save space as you no longer need that drying rack. With your own mobile drying rack that brings some conversation, you can turn the dishes from a 30+ minute slog into a 15-minute jaunt!

Organize your dishes accordingly

Most of us just have a small army of cutlery, plates, cups, and whatever else we are using to work through. Start off by organizing your dishes into piles that you can easily work through. For example, get all of your utensils together and work through them. Then, tackle all of the cups and all of the drinking solutions. Then plates and then finally things like storage containers and large pots and pans.

Do this, and you can find it easier to get through as you don’t have to keep chopping and changing.

Tub it up

It might seem obvious, but many people do not use a dishwashing tub. This allows for you to put all of the cluttery things like cutlery into the tub, fill it up with soap and water, and let them soak for a while before you actually do the dishes. This allows for some of the excess mess to be degreased and removed without taking up a needless amount of your time.

It’s a good choice, too, as you can quickly and easily break down all of the debris simply by persistently soaking everything in one container.

Deglaze your pots and pans

A common time consumer for anyone doing the dishes is when your pots and pans have burnt or stuck-on products. So, make sure that when you are doing serving food that you empty out everything that is not being used in containers. Then, you can deglaze the pan with some hot water that allows the still-warm food that is stuck around the sides to slowly but surely come off.

It’s much easier to deglaze the pots and pans whilst the food is newly served, ensuring you save valuable minutes from scrubbing, scrubbing, and scrubbing!