The Best Chainsaws of The Year 2021


Chainsaws generally come in these three varieties gas, corded electric, or cordless.

The gas models are regarded as the most powerful and smooth, and it does not have a cord which can come to pose as an inconvenience for some, but they make a lot of noise and can sometimes prove to be quite difficult to start.

The corded models are less expensive, lighter and require low-cost maintenance, but unlike the gas models, it has a lesser power and is tethered to a cord.

Cordless models, however, can be recharged as it has a battery that powers it, it is recommended to use while been plugged into a light source as the inbuilt battery might serve you for a long time.

Whichever choice is it you make, the first priority should always be safety, most chainsaws are designed to limit hazards and apart from that have other safety features which include chain breaks, blade cases, etc.

Below is our pick of the best chainsaws available

  • Makita UC4051A 16 Electric Chain Saw

This chainsaw features an ergonomic, rubber cushioned handle, a trigger switch, a limiter that helps control motor burnout, electric chain break, etc. The blade and chain can be easily replaced or adjusted as it does not require any special tool.

Users say that this particular chainsaw is quite powerful enough considering that it does not have a gas motor, it can easily cut through big logs thanks to its 16-inch bar. The chain speed is 2900 ft per minute.

The Makita has a weight of 15 pounds which users find pleasing as it eases maneuverability. Though it is still quite heavier than most other models and needs an extension cord. It comes with a warranty of about 1 year.

  • HUYOSEN 54.6cc 18-inch Gas Chainsaw

As stated above gas chainsaw are known for their high power and this HUYOSEN 54.6cc 18-inch Gas Chainsaw is no different. It is highly Strong and durable and is powerful enough to handle most jobs in and around the yard, it is ideal for pruning tree limbs, saplings, and bushes.

The chainsaw feature a button for a quick and easy start, it also features an automatic oiler that helps keep the chain and bar in an adequate condition after each use. It weighs about 20 pounds making it not to cause to much strain in the hand or arm while in use.

  • Greenwork 10-inch 24V 20362 Cordless

This chainsaw features a 24V lithium-ion battery which means that you don’t always have to bother about staying close to an outlet if you want to make use of it. It also features a tension that can be easily adjusted without any tools, an automatic chain oiler, and an easy-grip that provides quite a nice level of comfort.

Its 24V Li-ion battery means that it can be able to cut about 30 thick branch or boards before it needs to be charged again, and the charging takes not longer than 45 minutes.

The Greenwork 10-Inch 24V 20362 Cordless Chainsaw is relatively lightweight as it has a weight of about 7 pounds making it very easy to handle for both the strong and the not so strong individuals. It comes with a 4-year warranty when purchased.

  • EGO Power+ 14-Inch 56-Volt Li-ion CS1401 Cordless Chain Saw

This non-corded chainsaw features a 6300 RPM motor which powers with the help of by its 56V Li-ion battery, a 14-inchbar, a chain break with a low kickback design, brushless motor, and a tension adjustment.

When fully charged it can make about 90 to 100 cuts which users find to be quite impressive. It weighs about 14b pounds which is quite convenient, it is also backed by a 5-year warranty, while the battery on its own has a 3-year warranty