The Best Tools For Cutting Tile in The Year 2021


  • Ridgid 6.5 Amp Corded 7-inch Tabletop Wet Tile Saw

Its usage is quite straightforward and its cut is precise, straight, accurate, and it also possesses the ability to bevel tile edges when needed. It generally quickens and makes tile cutting a whole lot easier.

This particular tabletop wet saw also features a pump that moves water onto the saw blade to minimize dust and debris also to prevent the blade from overheating. It also features a transparent splash guard which minimizes spray from the wet blade without blocking your vision of the tool in use. It operates on a 6.5 Amps which produces nice and precise cuts be it on a ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble, etc.

  • QEP 24-inch Manual Tile Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel

Otherwise known as a rail cutter, it is a 24-inch snap cutter courtesy of QEP, and it makes decent cuts of up to 24 inches and with its tungsten carbide scoring wheel which helps to ensure that the breaker bars can make a neat, powerful snap. Though are other models, but this particular model is quite apt for most tile cutting tasks.

It is versatile in terms of the type of tile you want to cut with it but most reviews from various individuals indicate that it more adapt to the cutting of ceramic tiles.

The QEP 24-inch manual snap cutter is a rather straightforward and dependable tile cutter and makes tile cutting a whole lot easier.

  • Rubi 10-inch 120 Volt Tile Saw DC 48-inch

It features a 10-inch blade with a sort of gliding motor that brings the saw to you compared to other tile saw that requires you to the tile towards the saw blade.  The end result of this upgrade is that it ultimately requires lesser movement leads to a more precise cut. It also features a foldable mobile head at 45 degrees for miter cuts and foldable legs for easier carrying.

This tile cutter is extremely versatile as it can be used to cut both glazed and stoneware porcelain tile, ceramic tiles, or natural stone. It has a very large table which makes for cutting a 48-inch long tile lengthwise. This particular tile cutting equipment is meant for professional use, though it can also be used by individuals who want very positive result while cutting their tiles

  • Skil 7-inch Wet Tile Saw

Are you in search of a tabletop wet saw with exceptional efficiency without breaking the bank? Then this particular saw is for you. It features a blade cooling reservoir to prevent its 7-inch circular blade from overheating, a rip that can be easily adjusted to ensure straight cuts, a miter gauge that paves way for bevel cuts of about 45°.

This saw is also very versatile as it can cut tiles of various types and sizes. But to cut tiles with length above 7-inch, the rip fence has to be detached. But if you feel that is too much work, you can always go for another wet saw with a much larger tabletop.