The Modern Approach To Sculpture


Ceramic art is one of the most ancient art forms in the world. For more than 27,000 years, ceramic art has evolved in many ways.Ceramic art has always been a part of every culture in the world.

In ancient times ceramic art was used to create sculptures, cutlery, and many more. Ceramic art has always been a part of everything globally and is still popular.

Clay is the most important component of ceramic art, and without it can’t be complete. So yes, pottery that we now know is also a form of ceramic art.

Ceramic Art Then And Now

Other than cutlery and sculptures, ceramic art was used to design and make jewelry, ornaments, décor, appliances, etc. With the world-changing, ceramic art is now popularly associated with Arts and Crafts. However, they both are the same thing, but just some components and techniques have changed.

With recent creativity and ideas, ceramic art is practiced with unique and stylish designs. In between, the contemporary ceramic art was lost, but now the revival is successful.

Revival Of Ceramic Arts

The credit for the revival of ceramic art mostly goes to artists and galleries worldwide. However, with upcoming shows of ceramic art, people are getting to know more about it, fascinating them.

Now ceramic art is being practiced with unique materials that help create unique art pieces. Porcelain is one of the recent materials that is being used.

The British love ceramic art, and the London Art Fair 2016 helped promote contemporary ceramic art on a very large scale. And now, the art form is making a huge impact on everyone.

No doubt ceramic art always existed in many forms, but previously it wasn’t as recognized as it is now.

How The Revival Helped?

As we mentioned, the recognition has increased in recent times due to increasing art fairs and displays of art pieces worldwide. Some of the famous artists around made many ceramic art pieces. But before, the art pieces were not valued enough.

But now, after the revival, the value of these art pieces has gone through the roof. As a result, museums and art galleries are now filled with various ceramic art pieces.

One of the most famous contemporary ceramic art pieces is called Montre Molle au Center from 1980. Now, this art piece is valued at more than $18,000.

How does Ceramic Art Helps Nature?

With increasing harmful art materials, clay and porcelain are among the safest materials used in contemporary ceramic arts. There are no harmful components added to the clay, and it is perfect for displaying.

The clay can be recycled in many ways as well. Recycled ceramics are now being used because they are safe for both artists and nature.

Final Words

This is what we wanted to share with you regarding contemporary ceramic arts and how it is now the most popular art form worldwide. Contribute to promoting ceramic artists around the world.