Top 4 DIY Ideas For Pride Outfits


The world is progressing, and the LGBTQ+ community is seeing an increase in members every year. Of course, there is still a long way before the community gets the recognition and rights it deserves. Pride parades every year signifies this struggle.

They are also a cause of celebration, and many people march proudly. Pride parades take place in June annually. This is the reason why June is also referred to as the Pride month.

If you’re attending a parade, you may be wondering about your outfit. So here are the top 4 DIY ideas that will help you look great.

  1. White Shirt With Pride Colors

This classic design is famous amongst the audience because you can easily get such a shirt or tank top from the market. The best part is that you don’t have to spend money to get the garment. You can also create it at home if you have a white shirt and paint.

You can add horizontal stripes to the plain white shirt using the paints. The design can resemble the LGBTQ+ flag colors. Blue, green, yellow, orange and red are the primary shades to use.

  • Decorated Baseball Cap

The Pride parade mainly starts during the day, and the event continues till night. If you are marching to the venue, you will surely need a baseball cap to beat the heat. Many people also wear accessories to improve their style.

You can take an old cap and redesign it by using different tools. For instance, you may paint rainbow stripes on the item. Besides that, you may also add glitter to a black cap to make it shine. The best part is that this idea will cost you nothing.

  • Rainbow Socks

This is another accessory that will help you look cute without ruining your style. You can wear socks with a rainbow design or stripes with sneakers to look the best. This is also suitable if you’re wearing shorts and your legs are exposed.

People can notice the cute socks, and you may get even compliments. The best part is that it will enhance your Pride outfit significantly. This accessory is also readily available on the market and will not break your bank.

  • Unique Pants

Your pants can easily help you make a bold statement without offending the public. Typically, you can get rainbow-striped leggings to stand out from others. Shorts are also suitable to beat the summer heat and remain comfortable while marching.

You may also use accessories such as badges to improve the style of denim pants or shorts. A belt with pride colors may also help you stand out. These items are also easily available.

Final Words

These are the top four Pride outfit ideas that will help you march with confidence. You can design the garments at home without compromising the quality and breaking your bank. The best part is you can reuse the items at the next parade or mix it with casual outfits.