Ways to discard a Tree Stump Without a Grinder


A tree stump could be discarded at any point from the time the tree is felled, manual removal is ideal provided that the stump is old and has lost water. If it is possible to let the stump remain stagnant for about a year or two, then the resulting dried wood might be easier to cut out compared to when dealing with a new stump that still has its green color. Chemical removal on the other hand should start as soon as the tree is removed.

Manual Method

This involves the removal of a small or medium-sized stump with just the help of the muscles. But the same method does not apply while dealing with larger stumps unless you could drag it out of the soil with a chain that is attached to a pickup truck. It is recommended to use the chemical method for the larger stump.

Equipment you require for the manual method

  • Shovel
  • Mattock
  • Small now saw
  • Ax
  • Steel-toed boots
  • Work gloves
  • Heavy steel digging bar

Instructions to follow

  • Dig around the stump using the broad end of a mattock
  • Shovel the resulting dirt away, bear in mind that the bigger the stump, the more soil you need to move, to ensure you access all the roots that require  cutting
  • Now with the other end of the mattock begin chopping your way through the roots can sever the roots as you unearth them with the help of a small bow saw.
  • Continue digging and choosing till you get to the taproot, taproots are recommended to be cut with the help of an ax or large bow saw, before cutting ensure to wipe off excess dirt on the taproot using a damp rag.
  • Now chop through the taproot with your ax, but be sure that no one is around you to prevent hazards and try to aim well before striking your ax as hitting dirt rather than the root will dull the blade of the ax, and always make sure to put on steel-toed boots before handling an ax

Chemical method

For individuals who not as physically strong to pull tree stumps from the earth or in the case whereby the tree stump is to big to pull by hand, then the chemical process could now come in handy though it is a quite slow process. In this method all the woods and roots will ultimately decompose, this process can be speed by adding Nitrogen in the form of high-nitrogen fertilizer. This is a rather simpler process but it could take months,  possibly years before absolute decomposition.

Materials you require for chemical method

  • Chainsaw
  • Plastic tarp
  • Garden mulch
  • High-nitrogen garden fertilizer.

Instructions to follow

  • Using the chainsaw reduce the stump to the ground, hence preventing the teeth of the saw from hitting the sand and becoming blunt
  • Drill numerous holes about an inch long into the stump in various locations with the biggest, wildest drill accessible to you.
  • Fill the holes drilled firstly with water then with a high-nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Damp the ground surrounding the stump. Using a plastic tarp cover the stump. The tarp will help retain water in and around the stump.
  • Add an organic mulch to the plastic tarp and be sure to add sufficient water to it. Organic mulch like a tree bark will help retain the additional moisture, which in turn keeps the area wetter.
  • Within the coming weeks, occasionally discard the mulch and tarp and add more water and nitrogen to the stump then cover again.
  • After 5 weeks, the stump will tend to get softer and spongy enough to allow for breaking apart with an ax, at this point any wood that still can’t be broken with an ax should be treated again with water and nitrogen. You can also choose to bury what remains so that the decomposition process can complete inside the soil.