What Can You Do With the Crib Your Baby No Longer Needs?


50 Ways to Reuse Infant Cribs

So your little one has outgrown their crib and you are not ready to part with it just yet. What can you do with the bulky piece of baby furniture, you ask yourself.

Lucky for you, cribs are built of sturdy, long-lasting material. So if you are not considering passing it on to another baby or converting it into a day bed, you can still use the crib in multiple ways for years.

Here are 49 ideas on how to preserve your little one’s crib by creatively re-purposing it in parts or in its entirety. Go ahead, and get up-cycling!

Create An Organizer For Craftwork Material

Crib turned craft station

As your child grows, so would the number of their art projects. You could consider making an art and craft corner for your child. Or maybe, you would like a cozy craft nook for yourself?

Either way, it would be great if you could keep all art and craft supplies organized in one place, and away from the floor, isn’t it? Try making this wall storage out of a crib side for the purpose. Simply hang the side up vertically. Paint or varnish it if you desire. Just add hooks and containers as per your needs to hold the supplies.

Make a Pin-up Memo Board

You could use the spring-base of the crib to create a stylish memo board. Give the frame a makeover by wrapping it up with fabric strips. Go monochrome, or use prints and mix-up material to give the frame a personality of its own. Prop it up on a wall or a door. Easily mounting it up using regular nails and a hammer.

Hang up little notes to other members or your family, or use it to showcase your little one’s latest artwork. Pin up things-to-do or keepsakes. All you need handy is a bag of tiny clothespins or photo-clips.

Upcycle the Crib to a Study Table

Remove the drop-side of the crib. Then, adjust the base of the crib at its highest possible setting. You will need some strong ply or MDF cut to fit the size of the base. This would be the table-top so make sure to layer it to keep it sturdy. Superglue the boards and then paint it to give the table the finish of your choice. The one shown in the photo has been painted with blackboard paint for a chalkboard finish. Add bins and containers to the rails to hold your child’s stationary. Complement the table with a comfortable chair.

Turn Your Crib into An Imaginative Play Area

Turn the crib upside-down to create an adorable play-and-read nook for your little one. Perhaps you could turn it into a princess’s fortress like in the photo featured above. Or, you could give your little scientist his own happy lab. Or maybe your little one would like a tent suited for a jungle safari?

Use foam mats to line the floor and decorate the crib “ceiling” base as you please. Paint and embellish the set-up to go with your chosen theme. Use the top of the overturned crib as a storage shelf for your LO’s toys, books or other knick-knacks.

Turn the Crib into a Comfy Indoor Couch

Take the drop-side off completely from the crib and adjust the base at the lowest level. All you need to do now is use a delightful cover for the crib mattress. Spruce up the entire look by adding a few throw pillows.

If the seat feels too low for your comfort, raise it by adding a second crib mattress. You may also consider firming up the crib-base by adding a layer or two of ply board or MDF. Give the couch a coat of varnish for a vintage look. This couch is sure to brighten up any corner of your home!

Up-cycle Your Old Crib into a Swing for Your Porch

Another mini day bed swing

A crib can be re-purposed to serve as a chic yet inexpensive porch swing. Remove the drop-side of the crib and adjust the base at its lowest level. Use wood planks or superglue layers of plywood to sturdy up the base. Paint and varnish the crib. Using screws add spindles to the crib-base. You could also add additional hooks to the crib-legs for a more secure fastening. Invest in some strong rope and hang up the crib from the ceiling joists to avoid accidents.

Upholster the crib mattress and use throw pillows to complete the look of your brand-new porch swing.

Make Multi-Purpose Wall Organizers from Crib Rails

This is an easy yet really useful way to reuse an old crib. All you need to do is take apart the crib to create not one but four wall storage units! Just take any side of the crib and hang it up vertically using regular nails and a hammer. You can then add as many containers and hangers as you desire to the crib bars. Secure your small storage add-ons using hooks or colorful yarn.

From umbrellas to crayons you can store just about anything on these versatile shelves. This storage hack takes up zero floor-space and adds color to your walls!

Re-purpose An Old Crib into a Vintage Work-Desk

Up-cycling a crib into a study table is a practical and cost-effective idea. Cribs can make beautiful desks for adults. All you need to do is creatively re-imagine the parts of the crib to best suit your requirements. Remove the drop-down side of the crib and fix the crib-base at its lowest setting. Turn the crib upside-down or use it upright. Use a wooden board or glass to make a functional table-top. You can use the drop-down crib side to create a shelf or even a foot-rest on your desk. You will love the vintage look of the finished product!

Create Cute Chairs Out Of Your Old Crib

Your little one has stopped sleeping in their crib, but you still want the crib to be part of their growing up? Using a saw, hammer and some nails, you can create an adorable pair of wooden seats for your child’s use. You will need to add some layers of MDF or thick ply board to create a strong seat-base. Use some cheerful paint to give the end product a classy finish. You can choose to upholster the seats using cushions or leave them as is. Sit back and enjoy watching your child use these cute little loungers for play or work!

Raise Poultry in Your Old Crib

Want to give your poultry a new inexpensive home? You will need some plywood or MDF to cover the walls and base of your old crib. You will also want to add a roof to it to keep your little chicks safe and secure. Leave one crib-side as is for proper ventilation and light, although you may add some netting to it if you so desire.

You can paint and varnish the poultry coop using pet-friendly material. Remember to add food and water dispensers as well as a comfy bed of hay before letting your fowl into their new home.

Jazz up Your Jewelry Organization

Crib rails make for great jewelry organizing wall units. Add hooks and nails to the crib bars and paint the entire rail to give it a finish of your choice. You could even wrap fabric strips around the edges for a personalized touch. Use it as a necklace hanger or add smaller containers to keep earrings and other small ornaments stowed neatly. This organizer is not only cost-effective, it is also handy and easy to use. Moreover, it doubles up as a display case for all your accessories. What can be a more elegant and stylish use of your little one’s old crib?

Turn Your Old Crib Into A Loveseat

An infant’s crib is the perfect size to be converted into a loveseat or a mini-sofa once the little one has outgrown its use. Add a personalized touch to your living room with some vintage seating or maybe you would like to use the DIY loveseat in your book-nook for some cozy reading time. With the use of some plywood, fabric, and trimmings, you can make your seat as simple or as fancy as your imagination and your budget allows. This is a perfect way to preserve and continue using your baby’s furniture long after your child is no longer a baby.

Organize Your Kitchen Using an Old Crib Rail

Are you forever running out of storage space for your utensils in your kitchen? Crib rails can be effectively repurposed to organize your pots and pans. You can also turn your rails into wall organizers for holding all your spices and cutlery. Use small hooks and plastic holders to organize your kitchen paraphernalia on your wall. You could even add on nails to hang your aprons and oven mitts. Use your imagination to give your kitchen a practical makeover. You will be surprised at how much space you can create in your kitchen using just one crib rail.

Create a Pretty Planter Unit With Crib Parts

If you are looking to add some green to the walls of your porch or simply want an extra planter wall in your garden, use the spring box of your little one’s old crib. Simply lean it on its side or hang it up at a height using garden hooks. The material is sturdy enough to hold several small to medium-sized pots. You can use it to grow potted climbers and trellis. Remember to rust-proof the planter wall before usage. Go ahead and create a pretty vertical garden instead of letting your little one’s beloved old crib lie unused.

Turn The Old Crib Into A Toy Cart

Saw off the legs and add a sturdy plywood base to your crib. Add some wheels and a handle to push and pull with. Voila! You just made your little one a spacious toy-cart from the crib they no longer use. Not only is this cart big enough to double up as a toy-storage, but you will also likely have your kid begging you to give them a joy-ride in it. Although this upcycling project may take up a bit of your time, you are bound to be satisfied with the result. Paint and varnish it to give it a more durable and cheery finish.

Use An Old Crib as a Patio Bench

If the house is not where you want to keep your upcycled crib, you can always think of how to re-purpose it as a patio bench. Remove the longer side rails and add a plywood base to the bottom of your little one’s old crib. You may add another layer of MDF or plywood for stronger seating. Varnish and rust-proof the entire unit as it is likely to be exposed to all kinds of weather in the patio. Add slipcovers and throw pillows to the mattress. Your new patio bench is ready to be used by children, adults, and pets alike.

GIft Your Little One An Art Table They’ll Love

Curious creators need an artistic space of their own. Make your little one their very own art-station using the old crib they no longer sleep in. Remove the drop-down side and adjust the height of the crib to its highest setting. Create a fun table-top using plywood and chalkboard paint. Attach it to the crib-base using superglue or nails. Add several containers to the rails to hold art supplies and paper. Paint the new piece of furniture in fun colors to add some joy to your little one’s room. Encourage creativity by putting up a display corner for their latest projects.

Make a Personal Photo Board

What is a lovely and space-saving way to preserve a memorable piece of your child’s baby furniture? By using it to showcase snapshots of memories! The spring-base of your baby’s old crib is a perfect metal frame for displaying photographs. You can lean it against a wall or put it up on a wall or a door. Use photo-clips to hang up your photographs. Change the display whenever you want to with minimal effort. You can add some fairy lights or tie up pieces of fabric to brighten up the frame if you wish. The crib-frame makes a classy photo-wall as is too!

Add A New Storage Cart To Your Kitchen

You can never have too many storage units in your kitchen. Old cribs work great for keeping kitchens organized, so why not turn yours into a storage cart? All you need to do is remove the drop-down side and use it as an additional shelf. You can add plywood to the top of the crib-base as well as the shelf made out of the drop-down side. This will enable the shelves to hold more utensils and kitchen equipment. If you wish you can add additional plywood shelves underneath. Add some rolling wheels to the legs to make the storage cart more versatile.

Create A New Magazine Rack With Your Old Crib

Are you always running out of space for your magazine collections? Just take apart your unused old crib. Now, lean a side rail onto a wall to create a fuss-free and practical magazine rack. Hang your magazines over the bars of the crib-rail. This magazine hanger is easy on your pocket and hardly takes up any floor space. Keep your magazines, newspapers, and periodicals organized and in one place using this DIY magazine display rack. Next time you need to indulge in a good read, simply grab what you want from the stand and enjoy your armchair adventure!

Convert Your Crib Into a Chalkboard Easel

If you want to reuse your old crib creatively, how about using two of its side rails to make a chalkboard easel? For this project, you will need some nails, plywood, and chalkboard paint. Sand and prime your wood for a smooth working surface before you apply the paint. Apply two to three coats of the paint, letting each coat fully dry before the application of the next one. Once all the paint is dry, rub chalk-dust onto the surface. You can use it as a signboard yourself or gift it to your child to enjoy endless hours of playing and learning.

Glam Up Your Home’s Entrance With a Sitting Area

Every home needs a cozy and impressive entrance area. Make yours stylishly practical by adding a bench for wearing and taking off shoes. You can repurpose parts of an old crib to create this bench. Use the side rails to double up as a coat and hat rack. Use plywood to make the sitting unit sturdy. You can add a shoe storage cubby under the seat of the bench to increase its functional quotient. Paint and varnish the unit for a glossy effect or give it a weathered finish if you prefer. Visitors and household members will appreciate the utility of this bench alike.

Reuse Old Crib Rails As Headboards

A comfortable bed is one that has a comfortable headboard. Headboards are an expensive investment but there is a cost-effective way to accessorize your child’s bed with a good quality headboard. Your little one no longer uses their crib to sleep in, but you can surely make their crib a part of their current bed. Use the side rails of the old crib to create a unique headboard for your child’s bed. You will need some plywood, foam, and fabric to craft a beautiful headboard of your choice. Add personality to your child’s bedroom by creating a headboard that complements the room’s decor.

Turn Your Old Crib Into A Pet Gate

Do you have a furry family member who loves to frolic around and needs your constant supervision? Being a pet parent can be a tiring job. Pets like toddlers can be a handful to watch over. For their safety and your sanity, they often need to be kept out of certain living areas. Gating off your pet is a practical necessity in such cases. Pet gates can be an expensive first-hand purchase. Take apart your old crib and use its rails to construct a durable and cost-effective pet gate instead. This is a fairly easy project and does not need too many additional materials.

Grow Herbs in Your Old Crib

This is an easy use of an old crib. Simply place it in an area that gets sufficient sunlight. Use fruit crates or make a garden bed with plywood cut to fit the base of the crib. Fill it up with potting soil. Some grow plants in old tires and shoe boxes, you can grow your little herb garden in your child’s old crib. The raised sides of the crib make it easy to cover the garden plot in case of inclement weather. You can let creepers grow by the side rails for the herbs to get the necessary climbing support.

Remodel Your Crib Into Chairs With Storage

If your child is constantly running out of space to keep their stuff organized, this might just be the upcycling project for you. You can retain your child’s crib in their room with new functionalities. Consider cutting it down in half to create two children’s’ chairs. Use plywood to create the seat and add a storage box underneath the seat for added utility. Paint the chairs and add some cushions to complete the look. Use the storage to stow away bedding, toys, books, or just about anything. You will love having these cute storage chairs in the house and so will your little one!

Make a Table With Storage Space

Children require a lot of clear space on their table to learn and well as to play. While a crib repurposed into a table allows for ample storage on its sides with effective use of the side rails, you will realize that this is not quite enough. Adding some shelves under the table-top can bring out the full potential of the table to double as a storage unit. Use plywood to craft and add drawers to the table. This will give your child more space to organize and store their material. With adequate storage space, they will be able to draw, write, and build on a relatively clutter-free work-space.

Use The Crib To Create Hanging Ceiling-Holders

Take apart your old crib, and innovatively use its parts to add details to your plain ceiling. Nail the spring frame of the crib overheard or hang it from ceiling-hooks to create a metal canopy. You could position it over your kitchen island to hang chandeliers or to dry herbs. Use it to add hanging decor in your hallways or to create an indoor bower by letting potted plants trail over it. Use it to hang lanterns on your patio or simply to add more light over a table. The possibilities of using the frame on your ceiling are endless.

Craft a Bookshelf Out Of Your Old Crib

Books are an essential part of growing up. If your house has a variety of reading material, have you considered reusing your old crib to make a bookcase? Use a pair of side rails to create a beautiful bookshelf for yourself or your child. Nail the two sides to each other using small pieces of ply to keep them a few inches apart parallel to each other. Sew fabric over the crib rods to create durable and colorful shelves. Your child will love picking out their bedtime reading from this cheerful display rack. You will love having put your old crib to good use.

Turn Your Old Crib Into A Couple Of Bar Stools

Of the several ways you can reuse your crib, this one will perhaps catch your attention if you are looking to add some unique stools to your bar or your kitchen island. Crib sides are sturdy and made of durable material. With some carpentry, they can be easily transformed into artistic bar stools that you would love to add to your furniture. Give your kitchen or your bar a personality of its own with a few DIY stools. After all, bar stools are expensive, why pass the chance to create exquisite ones for yourself for a fraction of the price?

Use The Crib To Store and Organize Blankets

Once your child has outgrown their crib, you could continue to use it to keep winter bedding, quilts, and blankets. If the crib feels bulky and space-consuming, open it up and repurpose the side rails into a blanket rack. You will need a few nails and a hammer to set up a stand-alone rack. However, the project does not require much expertise and you will be pleasantly surprised by the elegance of the rack once you have put it together. What’s more, you can use it to add to the interiors of any bedroom without losing out on its utility.

Turn Your Old Crib into a Toddler Bed

While most wooden cribs in the market nowadays come in models that are easily convertible into daybeds, do not be disheartened if your child’s old crib is not one of them. You can actually convert any crib into a toddler bed. You will need additional spring frames and plywood to create a safe and strong piece of new furniture from the existing crib. All the necessary material can be purchased from a local hardware store. You might find the project a bit tedious but once you are done, your little one will love sleeping in and jumping on their brand-new bed!

Create Innovative Garden Gates

Gardens are a magical extension of one’s home. Not everyone is lucky to enjoy a backyard or lawn of their own. You could think of using your old crib to add charm to your garden if you have one. Add your own personal touch to the entrance of your lawn or vegetable patch by adding a gate or a bower to it. Simply take apart your old crib and use the side rails for the purpose. Give the rails a coating of rustproof paint and a few coats of varnish for a weather-proof finish. Plant some creepers and climbers around the gates to give them an idyllic finish.

Reuse An Old Crib As An Outdoor Bench

You can create a beautiful outdoor bench by using just the crib base and a side rail. Create a wooden seat frame and nail the base of the crib firmly into it. Add plywood to the base to create a sturdy seat. Varnish the entire bench for a glossy finish.

You may use the other side rails too if you want the rails to be retained on three sides of the bench. Sit and sip some lemonade on the bench on a hot summer day. Entertain guests outdoors in cool evenings. A comfortable outdoor bench is a must-have piece of furniture. You cannot go wrong in repurposing your old crib into one.

Build An Adventure-Tent For Your Child

Outgrowing one’s crib does not necessarily mean that the child has stopped playing in their crib. If your little one loves to use their crib as a play space and you are worried they may be growing too big to be safe inside it, consider taking the crib apart and using its parts to create a play-space. A lovely option for this is to create a play-tent. You could brighten up a corner of your child’s room or place the tent on your patio for an outdoor play experience. Use old curtains and bedding to add details to the tent. Your child will cherish playing in the adventurous space customized specially for them!

Use Old Cribs to Make Compost Pits

If you are an avid gardener, you probably already have a space designated to create compost from biodegradable household waste. You can consider reusing parts of your old crib to make compost bins that would add personality to your garden. Compost bins are easy to create and require very rudimentary carpentry skills. In addition to the bin, you can use crib parts to create covers for existing compost pits. These are essential for times you need to keep the pits covered. After all, as much as you would benefit from creating your own compost, you wouldn’t want your pets or your little one to unsuspectingly tumble into the pit!

Give Your Plants Some Climbing Support

Crib rails, especially wooden crib rails, make for elegant and sturdy stand-alone yard trellis. Use the sides of your old crib to create different types of trellis for your vines and creepers. You will love the way your plants embrace the support. The bars of the cribs make the rails perfect for your fruit-bearing vines. Vegetables like eggplants, cucumbers, and gourds are bound to grow luxuriously in your garden patch supported by these stands. If flowers are more dominant in your patch of green, let your roses grow all over them to create magical bowers you would love to spend your free-time under.

Repurpose Your Crib Into A Clothes Drying Rack

An easy and extremely practical way to use up parts of an old crib is to create a clothes-drying rack. Every household blessed with children also sees their laundry increase ten-fold. Even if you do have an electric clothes dryer, it is a good idea to let your freshly laundered clothes air-dry in the sun every once in a while. The bars in a crib’s side rail allow for an organized hanging of a lot of wet clothes in very little space.

You can create a folding rack and even mount it up on the wall to save floor-space.

Create A DIY Bicycle Stand

Children love their rides and often have one too many for themselves. A house with growing children is bound to be strewn with two-wheelers and three-wheelers that belong to the young cruisers. If you find your home in a similar state, set up a bicycle rack using parts of an old crib for systematically stowing bikes, trikes, and scooters in. Use the gap between the crib bars to organize skateboards. You can put up hooks to hold helmets and safety gear near the rack. What’s more, you can even park your adult bicycles on the same rack if space permits!

Make Feeding Bins For Your Farm Animals

If you live on a farm or keep farm animals, here is another high utility transformation for your old crib. Turn it into feeding bins for the animals. Depending on your dexterity, you will be able to craft out two or more feeding bins using different parts of your crib. You will need additional plywood to complete the food crates. Nevertheless, the investments are pocket-friendly and the final products are sure to keep your animals well-fed and happy. If you are unsure how to go about it, there are several guides available online for making food bins for farm animals.

Make a Magnetic Board

You can upcycle the side rail of an old crib into a beautiful magnetic board. You will need plywood, chalkboard paint, tin sheets, and magnets for the purpose. You can also use some paint or fabric to decorate the frame of your board. Personalize your magnetic board to serve as a memo board or to hold keepsakes and photographs. Use magnetic letters to turn it into a message board. You can use the board as a stand-alone board or hang it up to brighten any dull wall in the house. Your children may find fun uses for the board too!

Create a Shoe Organizer For Your Closet

Do you have a shoe fetish? Keeping shoes, especially ones with heels, require a lot of space in the closet. Anyone with a penchant for shoes knows how difficult it is to create a space dedicated to solely storing footwear in an average-sized home. Not everyone can afford to dedicate entire closets to their shoes. However, you can treat yourself to an inexpensive shoe rack. The spring frame of an old crib can come to your rescue for this purpose. All you need is a wall to hang the frame upon. As for your shoes, just hang them by the heels!

Turn Old Cribs into Handy Bedside Tables

If you are nifty with your carpentry skills, you might want to create some adorable yet sturdy peg tables for use around the house. Use old crib rails to create the frame of your tables. Use strong plywood to create a tabletop and additional details. You can add shelves and drawers to your tables if you choose. A good-sized table can be used for diverse purposes. How you use yours is completely up to you. Use these tables as bedside furniture or as part of your living room decor. Use them in your kitchen, patio or garden shed.

Turn Your Old Crib Into A Toy Chest

A growing child in the house translates to one inevitable outcome: the entire house turns into one big play-area. If you are tired of stepping over toys left lying all over the place, consider converting your child’s unused crib into a toy storage space. You can add solid plywood sides to the rails to make the crib resemble a giant toy chest. Your child will love putting their treasures away in this spacious chest and you will be happy to see your child clean up happily after themselves once playtime is over for the day!

Use An Old Crib As A Patio Seat

Patio seats need to be crafted of hardy material to withstand all types of weather. You can hardly go wrong in using old furniture to do up your patio. Baby furniture is no exception. You can reuse your old crib as is with minimal changes. Simply take off the drop downside and add some plywood to the base of the crib to strengthen it up. Fix the base at its lowest setting. Upholster the mattress in colorful fabric suited for outdoor furniture. Add in some pillows to complete the project. Now you can use the crib as a regular couch on your patio.

Create A Mobile Bar With An Old Crib

Are you someone who likes to relax with a drink in your bedroom? Or perhaps you would like to treat your guests to some fine wine over dinner on the lawn? If a stationary designated bar area does not meet your lifestyle, you can repurpose your old crib into a handy bar cart. This will require a little time and dexterity on your part. However, with a little handiwork, you can build yourself a beautiful mobile bar using material readily available at the local hardware store. In case you are unsure how to go about it, the internet is filled with designs for upcycled bar carts. Check out the featured photograph for a little inspiration.

Create A Vintage Ceramic Rack

Upcycle your crib into a crockery display-case. Ceramic displays are expensive and if you have a penchant for displaying your dinnerware, perhaps remodeling your old crib to create a ceramic display unit is right up your alley. You can easily wall mount a pair of side rails to create a beautiful plate rack. You may consider dedicating a wall in your dining hall to hang up this display-rack. Give the rack a coat of paint. You could try a weathered look for a vintage finish. Wall-mounted plate racks are an elegant and safe way to house your precious ceramic.

Make A Sleeping Crate For Your Pup

Now that your little one has stopped using their crib, consider passing it along to their canine sibling. Add some plywood to the top and sides of an old crib to refashion it into the perfect sleeping quarters for your dog. Remember to cozy it up with some comfortable bedding. Remove the drop-down rail for your dog to easily move in and out of the sleeping crate. You could turn the removable rail into a sturdy lockable door for the sleeping bed if you want the finished piece to double up as a cozy travel crate for your pup.

Reuse An Old Crib As Your Potting Table

If you are someone with a green thumb, you will love the idea of creating a potting table out of your child’s old crib. The sheer size of the work-space afforded by a crib turned into a table guarantees to reduce mess as you go about your hobby. So go ahead and Give your plants a table specially designated for potting and related activities. Remove the drop-down side and add shelves to the crib by cutting plywood to size. You can line the shelves with fruit crates or drawers to hold your gardening tools, fertilizers, and other such related material.