Woman Uses Budget Hacks To Turn Her Home into a Colorful Place


You can’t put a price on happiness, but if you could, we’d all be happy. That’s the sentiment that this woman is living by as she gets creative with her home decor and turns it into a colorful place to live in. She’s not just using paint and decorations though-she uses budget hacks! From pillows to placemats, find out how she does it all.

When we think about colors, our mind automatically conjures up images of bright and vibrant shades. We imagine a room that is bursting with color and life. But what happens when you’re on a budget? What if the only thing you want to do is give your home some color but don’t have the funds for an expensive paint job? Well, you might think that it may not be possible to make your house more colorful within a low budget however that is not the case and Kim Yates has practically shown it.

Kim Yates, a resident of Lancashire has shown how to turn your house into an extremely colorful and beautiful place by staying within your budget. You can also check out her house at her Instagram handle @miss_mustard_design where she proudly uploads photos of her house.

She did not just change one or two rooms of her house she changed everything from the bedroom to living room to kitchen and even her bathroom. It was all made more bright and colorful. There is a unique idea behind what she did. Her house look quite decent before the changes however it was simple and very basic like any other house. She wanted her house to stand out and look different than the rest. So it wasn’t just the walls she painted or the floors she got redone, she made everything more colorful from her staircase to her toilet, everything was made better looking.

It is not hidden information that people who live in such places where there are more colors tend to be happier than those that have a dull surrounding. This is why Kim Yates is a happy person because she invested in her house and her surroundings. Now you might think that she only focused on the inside of her house but that is not the case, she also made the outside of her house more colorful as well.

One of the best things about all these changes is that Kim did all of this on a budget. She transformed her bed using two pieces of tin that cost her around $20. The same is the case with other items in the house. They were all done in a very limited budget. If you ever ask Kim Yates any advice on how to decorate or remodel your house then she would always tell you that there is no one way to do that. Her home is modeled according to the different ideas she got from her family and things that her family likes. So when you are thinking about remodeling your home, think about adding colors and items that your family would like. Involve your family in the decision-making process for amazing and efficient results.